The foundation of any marketing plan is the marketing materials. Marketing materials are the face of your brand. This includes everything from logos, slogans, business cards to websites, packaging materials, brochures, ads, press releases and more.

What types of marketing materials do you already have in your arsenal? Branding is the most basic and essential component of marketing your business. How will people recognize you? How will repeat customers know they are dealing with the same business they dealt with last month?

One of the first things you did when you created your business was chose its name, and that’s where your branding efforts began. Consistency is key when building your brand. Look is everything. A strong logo and slogan will go a long way. Your logo should be attractive and simple and include colors that you consistently use in your website, packaging, etc. A short, catchy slogan is also great to help potential customers remember you. Who doesn’t recognize “Think outside the bun” or “You can do it, we can help.”?

Whether you operate a small local coffee shop or a large online baby boutique, one of your main marketing efforts should be a website. Sites can be created for any budget and for any purpose. Sites should incorporate the basics; name, location, products/services, contact information, etc. But they should also maintain your brand. Fonts, colors and copy should all be the same or similar to what is used in your brochures or other materials. Keep this in mind if you are going to engage in email marketing as well.

Your name, logo, slogan and color scheme are the basic template for any other marketing materials that you create. These things should be evident on and in everything else. A business card is another critical element. Even if you don’t have a large budget, they can be purchased at a relatively low cost. Business cards keep your name, your logo and your contact information in front of people. They are great to hand out when you are at networking events or to include when sending out a completed order of your products.

If you have specific sales or groupings you want to promote, it might be a good idea to create brochures or flyers with more information. If you have a retail store where customers are coming in and out, it’s great to have materials that they can pick up and take with them. Or, if you are setting up a display at a trade show it’s a must to have something that visitors can take with them. There are also tons of great options for giveaway items, such as pens or note pads, printed with your business name and logo on them to help spread the word.

Really, the possibilities are limitless. It all boils down to your budget and how many opportunities you have to distribute your materials. Market Mommy ®  can help design your marketing pieces, and even print them for you too. Check out the details here!