There is a new mass emailing service available that will allow you to send unlimited emails via your Gmail account, among many other things! GMass integrates seamlessly with your Google, Gmail and Google Drive accounts. It can send brand new emails, follow up emails and personalized correspondence.

GMass accommodates any feature that your normal Gmail account does. So, you can still add attachments and inline images, for instance. It helps you grow your lists by avoiding spam filters and allowing for unlimited personalization in mass campaigns. You can also set up to eight automatic follow up emails, saving yourself a lot of work!

One of the trendiest features is the ‘send as replies’ feature. The typical mass email campaign is sent as a new message, which in turn creates a new conversation with each recipient. This feature allows each email sent to be sent as a reply to the most recent conversation with each recipient. This leaves a great impression with clients or prospects that you’ve had an ongoing conversation with. This feature would definitely increase visibility among existing clients.

One of the newest GMass features is the availability of proofreading. Even the most experienced writers can benefit from a second set of eyes. These English experts will not only correct common spelling and punctuation mistakes, but they also give suggestions regarding your grammar and context. This could undoubtedly relieve a ton of stress for business owners and email marketers everywhere!

I am a fan of anything that makes business easier, faster and more productive. GMass certainly seems to be one of those things. It’s not meant to replace Mail Chimp or Constant Contact, but to be used as a supplement. The ability to schedule, personalize and track takes it a huge step above your traditional Gmail account and enhances it dramatically. It also provides the ability to place an unsubscribe button at the bottom of your messages.

By using GMass, you can dramatically increase your distribution list and use the tools to continue to build your audience and your client base. Are you already using GMass? Tell us about it in the comments; we’d love to learn about your experiences.