It’s hard to believe that time of year is already here. But, with the arrival of pumpkin spice everything also comes the launch of our Holiday Gift Guide! We are gearing up for another fabulous year of featuring small, mom-owned businesses, just like yours! We want to help you increase your holiday sales and build momentum heading into 2018! If you only advertise one place this holiday season; your holiday advertising should be with Market Mommy! Let us tell you why.

Each and every year (since 2009!) we’ve helped moms share their incredible businesses with thousands at holiday time. We hope this year will be even more spectacular; and we’ve made a few updates to help ensure everyone’s success.

New, more modern design. Think, Real Simple’s Holiday Gift Guide. Our HGG landing page will feature a product image for each category from our premium sponsors. The sleek design will focus on the images and draw your potential customers in! Then, once on the category page, our viewers will see a listing of great products offered by mom-owned businesses. Only one premium listing will be sold per category. So hurry on over and sign up now!

Expanded categories. This year we’ve added more options to our category list. As an advertiser, you choose which category your product and business is listed in. And, the best part is, if you don’t see the perfect category for you; you have the option to create your own! Gifts for Her, Him, Baby; all the basics are available. We also have more unique categories like Gifts for Mompreneurs or pets!

Lower prices. We’ve simplified our listing options this year and are only offering premium and basic listings. One premium spot will be sold per category (so don’t delay!). And, only up to 10 basic listings are available per category. Premium placements are $125 and include things like a sponsored blog post, extra social media coverage, product photos on our landing page, etc. $50 is an affordable option for a basic listing. It includes a product description, coverage in our e-newsletter and more. For a complete list of what’s included, click here.

All gift guide sponsors will be featured on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. We’ll also be emailing a guide out to our list of mom subscribers. This is exactly who you want your products in front of this holiday season! Moms do the majority of the holiday shopping, and mom business owners have a heart for other mompreneurs!

Last year, all of our advertisers said they were satisfied with their exposure. They used words like unique, useful and a good value to describe our holiday gift guide! They also all agreed that the holiday gift guide significantly increased their social media exposure.

“I was pleased with how the gift guide was set up and communicated. I think I received great exposure that I wouldn’t have received otherwise. Thanks!

Won’t you join us this year? You’ll receive more than three months of excellent advertising for one low price! Let’s get started!

2016 Black Friday Thru Cyber Monday
*A strict deadline for materials is set for Nov. 21!

Option 1:: $39

  • 4 Facebook Posts
  • 4 Twitter Posts
  • Image, link in dedicated newsletter

Option 2:: $69

  • 4 Facebook Posts
  • 16 Twitter Posts
  • Image, link & Text description in dedicated newsletter


Question:  We are web-based. How do I choose good websites on which to focus our advertising dollars?

From Leah of 

Shara’s reply: When I first began my book business I went looking around for web sites to advertise on. I knew very little about advertising back then (2007). I basically focused on cost. I didn’t have a lot of money and I looked around for web sites that didn’t charge hundreds of dollars a month to place a simple ad/link.

I ended up spending $400+ to advertise on a site called I later became co-owner and then full owner but that’s another story. 

Back to my point: I got very little traffic from the site back then! It had just started up in 2005 and the traffic was slim at best. Over the months and years I watched as more mom sites and mom blogs entered the scene and more niche markets popped up Online. I listened to my own friends, colleagues and clients grumble about what didn’t work, the money they wasted and more. I learned from the feedback in order to make Mommy Perks an affordable location for business owners to promote – with funds they could stand to lose. 

That said, here are a few tips I myself would follow if buying ad space for my book business now!

Niche sites

Focus on buying ads on sites and blogs that actually relate to what you do/sell. Sometimes buying ads on “parent” sites is too broad. The more you can narrow things down the better. For instance, if you sell gardening tools, you might do okay promoting to parents but you’d do even better promoting to gardeners. So look around for sites that focus their content on gardening tips, ideas and resources. The site visitors will be more likely to purchase what you are selling. 


Cost always matters when our budgets are tight. The problem comes when small business owners want advertising for very little from sites that offer a lot. How can that work? Many times, it cannot. Here’s why: If I sell ads for $5 each I’m not earning enough to feed my children or pay my own bills. Yet the advertiser wants me to bring lots of visits and sales. This is hardly fair, right? I have to focus on building up my site and blog in order to have great traffic and seo so that my advertisers get clicks and hopefully sales! That takes time and money. Once I’ve built up then, I have every right to charge more. That is what the advertiser is paying for, after-all. So keep in mind that while you do want to spend your money wisely, expecting a site to deliver high results will cost you more. Fair is fair. 

Google Ads

Do your research and number crunching before buying Google Ads. One of my clients recently did the number crunching and realized… this is not for them. You see, they sell memberships on their site for $20 each. With Google Ads, they’d be spending about $60 per new client that they snag. That certainly doesn’t balance out, does it? Now, if you sell something for $300 and each new client would cost you $60, it may be worth it.

Plan ahead

Many small business owners plan out their advertising dollars at the start of the year. They take the extra funds that came from holiday sales and use that to buy ads for the following 12 months. This is a wise move, I think. Most small businesses gain additional income during the holiday months so using some of that to continue with their advertising is smart. Do some research and ask around. What sites do other small businesses advertise on? Who gives the most bang for your buck? What site owners go the extra mile by tweeting and facebooking their clients? Many sites do not welcome their advertisers on facebook or twitter but many do. Find out who goes that extra step for their clients.

Create effective ad images 

I recently ran a giveaway for one client and I invited a few pals to enter. Two of them wrote back, “Oh, I don’t have toddler aged kids!” Well, this client had long been using babies and toddlers on their ad graphics. Even though they sell for kids up to the age of 18! Many potential buyers didn’t bother to click over because the images implied that all products were for small children only. Be sure to create and label your ad images for the most accurate and targeted results. 

Long term ads

It can take a while for site visitors to register your ad in their mind. They might see your ad 10 times before actually clicking over or acting upon it. It’s often-times better to buy long term ads rather than short term (one month, etc). I used to sell ads in our PERKS Directory for 3, 6 and 12 months. I now sell the spots for one year only and that’s that. It’s better for the client to have a long term placement so I don’t bother with other options now. This is less likely to be an issue for high traffic sites like, of course. If you are on for one month you’ll get lots of clicks. Yes, indeed. For smaller sites and blogs, however, don’t expect fast results or over-the-moon traffic stats.

Busy beaver blogs

Do you ever visit sites and blogs that are crammed full of ads? I can’t stand them, myself. I shut out every single ad and don’t pay attention to any of them. If you are like me, you’ll want to find sites that tastefully sell ads so that the clients can actually be seen among the content. I would be far more likely to buy ads on a site or blog that doesn’t crowd, cram and stuff the ads into every nook and cranny. 

Think outside the Internet

Your local school may sell ad space in the yearbook or school newsletter. Look into these options, as well. They are usually very affordable and you’ll be promoting to locals – who hopefully embrace the “buy local” slogan! As a local business owner you may gain new business from other parents in your area, even though you sell Online. It can’t hurt to try. 

Shara Lawrence-Weiss has a background in education, early childhood, special needs, freelance and marketing. She owns various websites including: Mommy Perks, Kids Perks, Personal Child Stories, Early Childhood News and Resources and Pine Media (co owner). Shara is an active member of her town charity group and a Library Board Member. Learn more about her at Mommy Perks.

Are you {or someone you know} a S.T.A.R. {successful, tenacious, accomplished, remarkable} Mom Entrepreneur? If so, Market Mommy wants to honor you for your continued dedication to your business and your family!

Are you a leader? Are you balancing your business and family in a creative way? We want to hear what sets you apart from the thousands of other mom entrepreneurs! Why are you determined to succeed? Have you invented a product that is helping others? What have you done to show the world that you’re confident, remarkable and steadfast? Tell us, and you’ll be entered to win an absolutely awesome prize package.

We know it’s far from easy to balance a family and grow a business at the same time. And, many of you put in hour after hour and jump hurdle after hurdle in the pursuit of success. That’s why we’ve created the first S.T.A.R. Mom Entrepreneur Award. We feel you should be recognized for all the sacrifices you make in the name of entrepreneurship.

Not only will this award garner you the respect you deserve, it also comes with an unprecedented prize package! We’ll be giving away more than $3500 in prizes. Visit our Sponsor Page for a full list of prizes and their sponsors.  Once you’re nominated, you’ll be listed in our S.T.A.R. Mom Entrepreneur Award photo album on Facebook. There, your supporters can endorse you with their ‘likes’ and comments!

Our fabulous panel of judges will review nominations and endorsements and chose the mom who best exemplifies success and tenacity. We want to honor a mom who is accomplished, has overcome adversity to make it and aims to balance her business and family life seamlessly. An all-around remarkable mom!

Is that you? It’s easy to nominate. Visit our Nominations Page to fill out the short form, and then e-mail one image {your logo, headshot, product image or another photograph that represents your business} to star{at}marketmommy{dot}com. Once we receive your nomination form and image, we will post your image in our Facebook album and you will officially be registered. Nominations are being accepted through February 29, 2012. For a complete list of Official Rules, click here.

Award Timeline

Nominations Open: January 16, 2012

Nominations Close: February 29, 2012

Endorsements Accepted on Facebook until: March 16, 2012

Winner Announced: On or around March 30, 2012

I am so excited to tell you about a new partnership that Market Mommy has established with Indy’s Child and Cincinnati Parent magazines! There are several benefits that you can take advantage of.

First, and most exciting, is free and reduced cost advertising. When you go through Market Mommy to place advertising on their site, you get your first month free and a 10% discount thereafter. A 160×160 tombstone ad on their new ‘mompreneur’ page is just $45/month with the discount!

There are larger sized ads available as well. If you are interested in advertising there in preparation for the holiday rush, e-mail me today. Space is limited!

Along with this partnership, the sites have launched their newly created ‘mompreneur’ section. Market Mommy is fortunate enough to be helping with content via our blog’s feed.

This is another win for you! Whenever you get coverage on our blog, you are also getting coverage on their sites. Your article can now be seen by thousands more eyes with no additional cost or effort from you.

Do you have a product that you are trying to get into the hands of reviewers?  You can easily submit your own products for review on their sites by clicking here or here.

Market Mommy is committed to forming partnerships and relationships that will benefit you and your small, mom-owned businesses. Discounted advertising on high-traffic sites is just one way we are doing that. If you’d like to market your business at a higher level, contact me today!

Let’s be realistic, there aren’t a lot of things in this world that are free. And, there sure aren’t a lot of valuable things that are. However, Market Mommy does offer a few things that are free and I encourage you to take advantage of them! All of these things can improve your marketing efforts for zero cost!

The Blog:: You’re here. This blog is updated 3-5 times per week {at least} and includes a lot of valuable information. Not only do we feature various marketing and business tips, but we also profile those mom entrepreneurs that have been successful so we can all learn from them. We also feature the random product review or giveaway. Please sign up for our feed so you don’t miss a thing!

E-Newsletter:: Our newsletter goes out once a month and includes a variety of things. We highlight different partners, include marketing tips, give our readers discounts and much more. Also, if you’re on our list you get privileged information about special promotions. Sign up today!

Directory:: Market Mommy offers a business directory where you can list your mom-owned business in one of several categories. Since we have a Google page rank of 3, this is a great way to help build SEO for your site.

Mommy Monday:: Want to be featured on our blog? Every Monday we feature a different mom entrepreneur and her story. It’s free and can include a photo. You simply have to answer a few questions. If you’d like to take advantage of this service, send me an e-mail.

And of course, you can follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook for free. We love our fans and often promote special pricing and offers to Facebook or Twitter only.

Market Mommy offers a variety of paid services too. But, they are all very reasonably priced! Check out our advertising opportunities and marketing services for more information!

Happy Thursday!

Market Mommy is SO excited! We’ve partnered with Abbey at Living My MoMent to bring you an awesome holiday advertising special! This is a great package available just in time for the holidays! The low-cost is just $50 and you get all of this:

  • 1 review and giveaway blog post on Living My Moment {value: $10}
  • 1 125×125 button and mention in Living My Moment Nov. & Dec. Newsletter {value: $25}
  • 1 125×125 button ad on Market Mommy:: The Blog {value: $35}
  • 1 Text link ad in the Market Mommy November Newsletter {value: $10}

This ad package will run Nov. 15 – Dec. 24! Great exposure for the holidays!! Reserve your spot today!

Visit our Current Opportunities & Specials page!

Jenny Finke, HandleYourOwnPR.comHave you thought about advertising on HARO? Help a Reporter Out offers somewhat expensive ad space. However, the daily e-mails reach more than 134,000 inboxes. That is a lot of reach. Depending on your product, or service, this can be a lucrative audience for you.

Jenny Finke of Red Jeweled Media and Handle Your Own PR recently took the leap and placed an ad on HARO. Her reasoning was solid. I wanted to ask her about her thought process and see how it panned out. Her experience teaches many valuable lessons, not just about advertising on HARO, but advertising to grow your business in general.

Market Mommy:: Why did you want to advertise on HARO?

Jenny:: HARO offers the opportunity to truly get in front of the people I’m trying to reach. Thousands of independent PR people and bootstrapping entrepreneurs are reading HARO every day.

Market Mommy:: What made you decide to take the leap and do it, despite the cost?

Jenny:: I didn’t see it as a cost. It was an investment to build my brand and grow awareness for So many start-ups fear investing in themselves and their businesses. Fear doesn’t grow a company. It takes guts, courage and commitment to grow a company and a brand, especially a start-up. I’ll need to invest a lot more in my business if I want it to succeed.

Market Mommy:: Would you say HARO hits your target market, why?

Jenny:: Absolutely!  It got me in front of independent PR people and bootstrapping entrepreneurs – the two types of audiences who could most benefit from the PR products and services offered by It can take hours and hours of your time to build a media list – we do it for you in a few seconds! Essentially, helps entrepreneurs solve a time-consuming age-old problem in a matter of minutes!

Market Mommy:: What results did you see from the ad?

Jenny:: I had 1,400 visitors to my site in one day – and then many visitors in the following days. I got quite a few new people who registered for my site. When you register for, you get a free eBook, “How to Make the Most of Your Media Lists.”  These new registrants are people I can communicate with for a long time through my newsletter (my newsletter rocks, btw, I offer all sorts of free PR tips and gets lots of great feedback on it!).  I also got quite a few sales in the days following my HARO ad – just about enough to cover my investment – and then whatever awareness it brought me for future customers will be pure bonus.

Market Mommy:: Why would you {or not} recommend advertising on HARO to other mom entrepreneurs?

Jenny:: It truly depends on your business and if this is the right readership/audience for you. Remember, there are no quick fixes and I’ve heard of very few overnight successes. Advertising and PR are not one-off activities. It takes commitment and courage. No matter how great your product or service is, if no one knows about it, it’s nothing. Have a plan in place and be willing to invest in things that make sense for your business. I’m now figuring out a way to advertise in HARO more regularly now that I got my feet wet and like the results it accomplished for my business.

Believe it or not, it’s not too early to start thinking about the holidays. Many publications have been working on their holiday gift guides for weeks, if not months.

At Market Mommy, we know as small business owners it’s often hard to compete with those who have larger public relations and marketing budgets. That’s why we offer a low-cost option, with lots of exposure!

The annual Market Mommy Holiday Gift Guide is the premier place to advertise your holiday gift ideas. The guide features the best in holiday gifts from mom-owned businesses! The guide will be published and live on beginning November 1, 2010 through January 31, 2011.

This year we’ve expanded our coverage and will blog, tweet and facebook about each specific listing! The guide will also be promoted on our blog, in our newsletter, through press releases, on Twitter and Facebook, on Associated Content and much more!

Spots in our Guide are very affordable; $25 for your first listing and only $10 for each additional listing. There are several categories to choose from::

                * For Baby

                * For Kids

                * For Her

                * For Him            

                * For Home

                * Holiday Cards

                * Stocking Stuffers

                * Gourmet Gifts

Choose any of our eight categories to list your holiday gift idea! Listing includes a 150×150 pixel image, product name and link to your URL of choice. These early bird prices are only good through the month of September, so reserve your space now.

If you don’t have a specific product you would like featured in our guide but still want to benefit from all the extra traffic at we are offering sponsorships as well. Sponsorships appear on our main gift guide page and get extra traffic. They include a 480×60 banner ad and link to your URL of choice for only $50.

These prices are excellent for three months worth of holiday advertising, plus all of the bonus exposure we offer! Our 2010 Holiday Gift Guide will be heavily promoted. Hurry, we are limiting the number of products we accept per category, so purchase your listings today!

Have you dreamed of having your products worn by celebrity babies in Hollywood? It doesn’t have to be a dream, Phyllis Pometta of Baby Swags can make it happen. “I started Baby Swags on September 6, 2006 as a way to help other mom entrepreneurs market their products via celebrity placement,” Pometta said.

Baby Swags takes their client’s products and creates gift bags and baskets for celebrity moms, dads and babies. Recently, Baby Swags was included in a celebrity hosted baby shower that was featured in OK! Magazine.  Jennifer Love Hewitt hosted her brother and sister-in-law’s baby shower and Baby Swags provided $1600 worth of gifts on behalf of clients.

Celebrity babies Nahla Aubry (Halle Berry), Violet and Seraphina Affleck, Liam and Stella McDermott, and Vida McConaughey have all been spotted in products from Baby Swags clients. Pometta constantly updates her blog with new gifts and celebrity sightings.

The company also is proud to work with various celebrity supported charities, as well as charities that are close to Pometta’s heart. “I’ve worked with Eric Estrada’s wife and the HollyRod Foundation (among others) to provide them with gift baskets that can be used for silent auctions,” she said.  Their other favorite charities have included The Ronald McDonald House, March of Dimes and ACT! Today.

 According to Pometta, her business has grown by leaps and bounds over the past four years, but she still operates every end of her business on her own.  Since its inception, she has created The Mommy Mentor radio show {check it out, Market Mommy was a guest on August 17!} and Tots To Teens Magazine, an online digital magazine that will debut soon.

Phyllis and her husband Steve have three children, Alyssa 12, Scotty (soon to be 9), and Gianna who just turned 6.  The couple has been together for 21 years, married 15 of those.  Phyllis’s personal mission is to help as many women as she can. She loves to see the happiness of success on other peoples faces, or in this case, in their voices or through their emails!