If you love babysitting, looking after your brood or being a full time mom, the chances are that you have had more than a fleeting thought of potentially making money from childcare. In the twenty first century, decent childcare is hard to come by. Many working moms struggle to locate decent nursery providers who provide a safe, secure, happy and healthy environment for their little darlings. Having a childcare business can allow you to work with children every day and provide a worthwhile service to working parents in your locality. Read on to discover whether you can make a business out of your childcare ambitions.


As a new business, you will need to register and become accredited. As a newbie childcare provider, there are a few more hoops to jump through. Your premises will need to be inspected by the relevant local authority to ensure that your environment is safe. You are looking after children so you will need to be fully risk assessed, have all relevant insurances and undergo some further training. Just because you enjoy looking after kids doesn’t mean that you can care for a dozen toddlers for eight hours every day.

Ensure that you think about the logistics of a nursery, and consider where you will set up. Many people do have a day care within their own homes if they are large enough. Others choose to lease a premises to kit out with toys, furniture and relevant safety measures. Go and visit a few nurseries, home based and external. Which do you prefer? A home based nursery will have a cozier vibe. Can your pad cope with little people running it every day?


When you hire staff for your childcare business you need to carry out relevant criminal background checks. You can click here to look at how Checkr screens potential candidates providing you with a report. This can be carried out prior to interview. The staff you choose need to emulate the ethos of your nursery. If you are going for an informal relaxed, play based learning sort of nursery, you will want a personality that matches. You want staff that love kids, that are bubbly, happy and well qualified.

Alternatively, you may prefer to set up a more formal nursery to encourage sit down learning from an early age. These nurseries were once very popular amongst working moms but have fallen out of favor. Parents now want their children to embrace the awe and wonder of their childhood. Think about setting up a syllabus that involves learning games, heading outside to enjoy the natural world and a lot of speaking and listening. The sit down work can come later on at school. Focus on art and play instead.

Children want to feel safe and happy if they are spending their toddler years away from their mom. If your nursery doesn’t give children a comfortable space, the parents will remove them and find another nursery. Consider the sort of nursery that you want to create a go for it. Follow this guide, and your childcare business can help you to make money from your passion.