The defining trait of any budding entrepreneur is the ability to juggle multiple tasks at once. By taking on multiple jobs it is a way to start generating consistent streams of income and revenue. 

Although as many veteran business owners know, multitasking is never as easy as it looks at it can drastically hurt you in the long run. From decreasing productivity, damaging your mental and physical health, taking on too much at once can actually cause more harm than good. Studies claim that is is actually impossible for the human brain to successfully take on more than the task at a time. So by multitasking, you are damaging your brain and wasting your precious time. But there has to be a solution? There are things within your business that need or have to be done. There just isn’t time to run your business at a snail’s pace hoping to not burn out. The simple solution that many, many businesses take on is to outsource, their work. Here are a few ways to get started and get your business flying in no time. 

Customer support

It can take years and years of work for a new business owner to fine-tune their message and get a steady stream of clientele. By providing substandard or no customer service could be the downfall of your company. With the onset of social media, a few choice tweets from one disgruntled customer could see your hard-earned clients leaving you in droves. Take a look online and look at hiring a Virtual Assistant. A V.A will be able to help you with any customer queries and complaints and keep your operation looking professional. Check websites like Fivver where you can find specialist customer service freelancers that can help your customers via live chat, email or telephone. 


While not strictly outsourcing- taking on new employees can be a time consuming, tiring and expensive task. When the time comes to get some team members on board to consider investing in recruitment software that automates the whole process to ensure you only end up with the right candidates for the job and employees that will be with you for life. 

Content marketing

If you don’t have a background in marketing it can take quite a bit of work to figure out how to connect with your right customers and audience. Optimising that particular market for growth may need the keen eye of someone used to working in marketing. They can generate leads while establishing you as a brand authority. A great content marketer can help you create copy that sells you as a business and directly correlates to cash.


Dropshipping is taking off exponentially for a reason. Many entrepreneurs don’t have the time, space or inclination to be dealing with thousands and thousands of units of stock a day. Consider hiring an inventory and fulfilment centre to take it all off of your hands. Its a cheap and easy way to streamline the whole process so you can concentrate on more important things like scaling your business.