As an entrepreneur, you’ll be well aware that marketing is paramount to driving success. As the digital world has evolved, as have our marketing options, from social media to blog content and SEO best practices, we have so much at our fingertips to achieve the desired end game of reaching as wide an audience as possible. Trade shows dominated marketing before the rise of technology and yet even though the marketing industry has changed somewhat, trade shows remain a solid and worthwhile venture for exposure. With many benefits to be accessed, you’ll want to consider the top reasons why you and your business should be prepping- up and braving the trade show crowds. 

Show-off your branding

So you’ve perfected your branding from your compelling storytelling to your aesthetics in your colours, logos and designs. You’ve nailed your tone of voice, and you know what your values and personality are as a brand. Now all you need to do is find the best way to show all that branding off! Perhaps you’ve shown off a little already with some killer content on your website that your audience finds valuable, or by upping your online presence via social media. All of these things are fab, but the fact remains that there is still so much value to be had in the opportunity to present your branding tangibly, in person. 

Brand storytelling is of high importance these days because to stand out from your competitors; it is critical to be a company that is considered personable as opposed to a somewhat faceless corporation.  

What better way to present your branding to potential consumers or stakeholders than showing them what you’ve got, in person! A beautifully designed display at a tradeshow, that represents your branding just right, can do wonders for creating the right impression. Trade show booths can be custom made and tailored to your exact needs; they come in all shapes and sizes from 10x 20 booths to large island and peninsula displays. 


Trade shows can be the perfect occasion to supercharge your networking. You can take the opportunity to talk to the other exhibitors and who knows what fruitful connections you might make that could contribute to your growth. There may be companies that could be interested in helping, partnering or collaborating with you. Failing this, perhaps you’ll find connections who will recommend you to contacts of their own who could use your services. 

The media 

Trade shows can often attract members of the media looking to report on the up and coming businesses and trends. Due to this, trade shows can be an excellent way to get yourself some media exposure that elevates your business and your brand story. You can get prepared in advance for trade shows with press releases, for example. While we are on the subject of prep, don’t forget to adequately prepare yourself and your staff with some great answers to the questions that you will likely receive at your booth. If you have a clear idea of what you want to get out of a trade show, your goals will easier be achieved.