App developers are essential if you want your app to succeed in the increasingly crowded app marketplace. To put the marketplace into perspective, in just one year, the Apple App Store generated more than $10 billion in revenue for developers. And this number is just the tip of the iceberg. Try adding to that figure the additional number of customers the app sends through your doors, or the money you save streamlining your processes. But, all of this, and much more, is only possible with the right app.

Which App Developers To Use For Your App

There are several challenges you face when trying to get your app from idea to completion. Choosing the right app developers is vital, but the process starts even before then. Before you approach an app developer, you need to know what it is you are looking for and have put together a project brief and timeline. Within this, you should have considered the elements that are most essential to the success of your app. What are you trying to achieve with the app? Is it going to be an e-commerce platform, or is it part of a service you are offering? Also, consider whether it needs to be integrated with social media. Of course, some of your initial ideas may change in discussion with your mobile app developer and once user research has been conducted, but it gives you both a common starting point. It is also important to spend time talking to the developer before you hire them. Ensure that they see your vision the same way you do, and if not, why not? Discuss your expectations in terms of your timescale and milestones, and how they will keep you updated on progress, and just as importantly, how many other projects they have going on simultaneously. Do they have adequate time for your project? Even if all of this goes perfectly and you have the completed app that you envisaged, it is not the end of the process, and, therefore, shouldn’t be the end of your relationship with the app developers that you choose.

Finding App Developers With A Long Term View

Once your app is ready, it needs to be prepared for submission; it can’t simply be added to the marketplace. There are numerous guidelines that need to be adhered to that differ depending on the operating systems you are focusing on. If your app doesn’t conform to the specific operating system guidelines, it fails the approval process, and you need to start the process again. This is one reason why it is important to have a long-term view of your relationship with app developers. Another is getting your app to stand out in the marketplace once it has been approved. Over half of apps are found as a result of app store searches, meaning that the higher your application is placed in the search results, the more likely it is to be chosen by your intended audience. Just as with any other type of search engine, results are ranked, and to be highly ranked you need to optimise your app for the marketplace. There are several different elements to this, including needing to have a clear understanding of your target customer and the keywords they are most likely to use to search for the app they want. Simple things make a significant difference in terms of search optimisation, including having your keywords in the title of your app. Having it linked directly from your website, thus circumnavigating the search process, is also a benefit.

Not Just For The Usual Business Types

App development has followed in the same fast-paced footsteps as other mobile technologies. Having an app that speaks to your audience segment is now a must for any business with an online presence, and that should be every business. However, mobile apps are not just for profit-making businesses. Other institutions can use this technology to increase their audience share and to spread their specific message; various church groups are amongst those who are beginning to see the value of having an app.

How App Developers Can Help You Reach Your Flock

Many church groups have websites, as they provide an ideal platform for reaching existing members of the church and encouraging potential new members who are searching for something more than themselves. Churches and other established faith groups are also developing their social media presence, allowing them to share scripture, inspirational posts, and to update members about activities, events and community works. So, the question must be why stop there, why not make the most of your potential online audience by placing yourself in their pockets via an app? Using a church app gives your ministry the ability to send messages to every registered member of your congregation, as well as to guests that have visited or connected with your ministry. You can inform them about upcoming events, new posts on your website, and provide announcements; it is even possible to include a link for donations. There is no easier way for a member of your congregation to share their faith, or even pass on information about your meeting hall or church than through an app; people remember catchy app names much easier than lengthy web addresses, or even phone numbers.  To put the potential of an app into context, consider that there are over one billion monthly unique YouTube users, Rovio’s Angry Birds has been downloaded in the region of two billion times, and the number of users on apps by the likes of eBay and Facebook run into the hundreds of millions. How far could you spread your message with access to audiences of this size with the help of an app?  

Choosing The Right App Development Companies To Share Your Message

However, it is not enough to have an app; your ministry is no different from any other business, social or community group in this instance. The app must work, and it must work for you. This means that it must be designed and developed with your ministry specifically in mind; this includes the audience you want to reach, as well as those you can count on to be among the first to download the app. Your app needs to fit with the rest of your branding; even established churches are brands. If your app doesn’t fit with your existing branding, then it won’t be instantly recognised as part of your ministry. It must work on multiple operating systems to give you the best chance of reaching as many people as possible, and it must be user-friendly. Apps are designed in part to be simple to use and streamlined, as well as to give the user access to everything without the need to search extensively, wait for things to load, or read through reams of unnecessary data and information. In addition to all this, your app must be interesting. You need to take the same care with the content as you would with your website, newsletter or social media feed. People must want to come back, to learn more and to interact with you through the app. If any of these elements is missing, then your app will not promote your ministry, rather it will detract from it.