When you see the sheer number of products in the average kitchen that require a power source, you wonder how your ancestors coped. Who knew there was a way you could make bread without a bread maker or rice without a rice cooker?

Technology is making cooking and baking far easier than ever before, and it’s only getting better. If you want your kitchen to be at the cutting edge of advancements, then read on. Here are some of the most innovative tech upgrades for modern kitchens:

Induction Technology

Induction technology involves the use of electricity to produce magnetic fields that induce currents in a cooking vessel’s atoms. Moving atoms heat the induction cookware which, in turn, cooks your food.

Induction technology, as opposed to regular electric or gas hobs, has the benefit of cooking your food faster, offering more control, and making clean-up a breeze. Induction cookers also work with steel and cast iron, rather than glass, ceramic, aluminum, and copper.

Smart Refrigerators

Most people still prefer to visit the grocery store to buy their weekly supplies, but wouldn’t it be nice if your fridge could order your food for you? Thanks to smart refrigerators, it can.  Smart fridges link with all your phone’s apps and connect to the internet.

The display screen helps you to find what’s inside, and it can also let you know when you need to stock up on particular ingredients. When you’re low on anything, you can add it to the digital list then order it using your fridge. You’ll never have to step foot in a grocery store again!  

WiFi-Connected Ranges and Ovens

Nearly 90 percent of all cooking-related deaths are as a result of unattended cooking. What if your oven could tell you when something was ready? Or when something was burning? While you’re sitting on your sofa, you can be controlling your cooking processes from your phone.

Your oven or range connects to your WiFi, works with your app, and offers the same functionality as if you were standing by the appliance. Having an alert directly on your phone can make you less likely to forget you’re preparing something for dinner.

Weighing Chopping Boards

Recipes can be confusing. Depending on their origins, the measurement type can be easy to get wrong or challenging to convert. If you want to make sure your next cooking venture is successful, then invest in a weighing chopping board.

Weighing chopping boards are digital. They let you cut on them as you would any other board, but then you can move your chopped ingredients into a central point that automatically weighs them. If your recipe calls for 1kg of chopped carrots, you can use one appliance for both tasks.

Smart Appliances

Almost all appliance stores now sell smart appliances. If it doesn’t connect to your phone, it’s not worth having! From dishwashers to blenders, toaster ovens to slow cookers – almost anything can be entirely controlled from the comfort of your armchair.

Most of these appliances can also link to assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Imagine being able to tell your slow cooker to turn off by using your voice?

Everything from the humble wooden spoon to the toaster has undergone a dramatic transformation in recent years. Almost every kitchen appliance also comes with a thick instruction book outlining how many uses a single appliance can have. If you’re yet to jump aboard the technology train, then there’s no time better than now. You can shave hours off the time you spend in the kitchen.