If you have been thinking about starting your own business from home for a while, you might have come across various posts telling you that you can get started for free, and you don’t need to invest anything. You have to be careful with these claims, as they will mislead you and make you believe that you can have something for nothing. This is not the case. Just like with home improvements, if you do it cheap, you will do it twice. Find out more about the most dangerous cost cutting mistakes you can make when setting up your business.

DIY Website

You can certainly create a website; in fact, anyone can. However, is it going to represent what you have to offer and communicate your value effectively? If you are on a low budget, you might be tempted to sign up for monthly website deals, but it will not be the best solution, if you want any control over the control and the design, and want to reduce your running costs long term.

Cheap Computing Solutions

You might also think that your old laptop will do to run your business from. In fact, it is not the best way to start. Instead, you should invest in a decent laptop that can deal with multitasking, and is reliable enough to keep you going no matter how many projects you are dealing with. In case you are a graphic designer, you will need additional graphic memory, and a simple lower end machine will simply not do.

Free Software

There are plenty of free software out there that will help you manage your accounts, your projects, and your calendar. Some of them will be just fine when you get started. However, if you need to create professional designs or websites, you will need to invest in software solutions and make sure that they deliver the results your clients are expecting of you for their money. You can talk to a professional and request more info about the different small business IT solutions available.

Lack of Branding

Starting with a DIy logo might be fine if you just have a blog, but paying a couple of hundred dollars for a branding kit is really not a huge investment, and you will be able to create a consistent message and image across the board from the beginning. If you are starting a business, you will have to think long term.

DIY Social Media Ads

Many startup business owners believe that social media marketing is easy, and they can schedule their posts themselves and keep on top of multiple accounts. You just have to ask yourself whether or not it is the best use of your time, or you should use software, such as Buffer or Hootsuite to save time and make your life easier.

If you would like to make the most out of your startup, you cannot avoid every investment. You will need to create a professional and consistent brand, and this is either hard work or expensive.