Auckland is in the middle of a renaissance where its business economy is concerned. Industry is finding the city, much less the country, a very attractive place to do business. Because of this uptick in the various types of businesses, the commercial real estate market has been challenged with supporting a growing business culture.

One of the offshoots of this burgeoning industry is the appearance of the coworking space. Coworking in Auckland has been around for a while, but in the last couple of years, the spaces available have evolved to cater to wider populations and have tapped into markets that have not yet been developed. If looking for a coworking space in Auckland, professionals will find that the city surprisingly has a lot to offer prospective coworking businesses.

Let’s take a closer look at Auckland’s coworking scene so you can be prepared before you start your Kiwi coworking ventures.


One of the great qualities about the Kiwi work attitude is its foundation is in respect. With respect at the core of a lot of business relationships, in the coworking space, it makes for easily building relationships and making connections. The environment is pretty relaxed, so meeting people should not be a problem for friendly professionals. Ultimately, while the entire country is known for its industry, there is a great laid-back energy that can make work fun, if not interesting.

Types Of Coworking Houses

The Auckland coworking scene is maturing, and among the many communities, you still will find the general communities mixed in with industry-specific and niche communities. Another feature you might see on the coworking scene in this city is the appearance of international coworking communities that offer more amenities in more locations. Then, there are the non-profits that are looking at this workspace style as a cost-effective way to support their missions.


One of the major things that’s happening in Auckland’s coworking scene is that communities are beginning to branch out and offer professionals more amenities. Standard coworking communities offer professionals typical amenities seen in the modern office, and while comfort has also been a part of the coworking space, communities are trying to include more features related to the work/life balance.

In addition to the ping-pong tables and the usual diversions you might see in the coworking space, some fit-outs include gym access, yoga, changing rooms, daycare, and a number of other amenities to attract professionals. The only caveat is the more amenities offered by the space the higher the monthly rate, but even with higher prices, coworking in the city is much less expensive than leasing conventional office space.   

Who You Might Bump Into

Just as the coworking scene has grown to include a whole bunch of different offerings, the space has become very diverse. The city is already comprised of a multicultural mix of people from around the Asia-Pacific market, but the types of professionals have evolved. In the beginning, the coworking space in Auckland and in other parts of the world for that matter started out as a haven for the start-up.

Today’s coworking in Auckland, alternatively, has evolved to include SMEs and even corporations that find the activity-based model attractive for productivity. Then, there are digital nomads who are finding the coworking model in the city can support their highly transient professional lifestyle. Prospective coworking professionals pretty much can expect to work with all types of professionals.

In The Know In Auckland

Working in Auckland, regardless of the space, presents itself with many opportunities. However, coworking can place your business in the middle of a marketplace of resources and ideas depending on the space. With community at the core of bringing professionals together, coworking can be a platform for business growth.