market your local businessBuilding a business can be extremely time consuming and difficult to start. Gaining traction in an age filled with big businesses with even bigger marketing budgets is hard for small businesses. Luckily, you don’t always have to compete on a national level. Standing out in your local area is a lot easier than competing with the other national big companies. If you’re a local company in any city, from Seattle(which happens to be the 18th largest city in the U.S.) to New York, focusing on local marketing is a great strategy. Luckily, there are many ways you can go about marketing your small local business in order to gain traction in your local area.

Local SEO

Google is the number one search engine, with over 70% of the market share of the search industry. With that much traffic, it’s easy to see why you need to be appearing at the top. But going about normal search engine optimization can be an extremely lengthy process, where you’ll be competing with large sites. However, it can be made easier if you focus your efforts on local SEO. The first step in this is making sure your “Google My Business” profile is set up, and you have updated that with all of your current information. Next, you’ll want to make sure you’re setting up your profile in the same way on local business sites like Yelp. After this, a link building strategy will help Google know that you’re an authoritative source, helping you rank higher. Alongside this, create posts on Google My Business talking about the industry and your business. You can talk about a multitude of things, from any sort of sales that you have going on to maybe the size of your industry and how it is growing. If you’re in the trucking or delivery business, for example, you may talk about how there are 500,000 reefer trailers currently in use in the United States, followed by how the industry is growing and why your business is standing out.

Local Signs and Billboards

In the digital age, it can be easy to get wrapped up in a digital marketing strategy, but depending on your target market, you may want to step back and look at what your buyer persona does on a day to day basis. If they traverse your city and aren’t very active on the internet, then it might be a good idea to invest in signage around your town. You should appeal to people who are driving, walking, and even biking around your town, creating various media that appeals to these people. There are twice as many bicycles in the world over cars, at more than 1 billion. Make sure to create advertisements that people who are riding bikes around the city can see, and understand by glancing at it quickly.

Social Media Ads

If your buyer persona is active online and frequents social media, you may be able to see success investing in social media advertisements. Depending on what platform you choose, you’re able to select the exact demographic that you want to target. In this case, you’d want to choose people who reside in your local area.

For social media advertisements, it’s usually made up of two parts: a creative visual and supporting copy. For the visual, you can create a photo, video, or graphic to capture the audience’s attention. You can do this through a great looking graphic, appealing directly to a consumer’s needs, or giving them a surprising fact. If you’re a window replacement company, for instance, you can add the fact that 38% of heat loss happens through windows and doors, with something supporting that saying if they are struggling with their energy bills, they should reach out for a consultation. Your copy can then support this, talking about why the consumer should choose you over your competition, or why they need your services in the first place.

Building your local business can be made easy through the help of a great marketing strategy. Before implementing this, you want to make sure you know who your buyer persona or target market is and why you’re the best company from them. With this foundation, you’re sure to see success.