Have you been thinking of renovating your five-star hotel property lately? If so much thinking has to be put in for getting the desired results. While fixing the basic wear and tear has to be done primarily, but working on other factors like technological improvements and updating the overall decor and design is what will earn you the makeover you need. As it is a known fact something which looks good always creates the much needed first impression. This is why planning on the designing of the landscape decor of the interiors and exteriors should be the first step.

Intelligent choice of decor items, when placed at the right place of the interior and exterior landscapes, will help you in scoring the browny points from the customer’s point of view. Decor item which has relation with nature will be able to convince anyone and everyone, as everybody loved to be in touch with nature. Beautiful plants if placed at various locations in the indoor landscaping will create a unique aura. However, growing and maintaining real plants or trees is very difficult and asks you to invest a lot of money and time.

Hence, for turning your interior landscaping ideas in a more timing friendly and budget-friendly one, you must go for artificial botanical items in various types. This replica of the original plants and trees will create the same aura and one be cannot differentiate it from its original counterpart because of its realistic appearance.

The faux botanical beauties should always be chosen over the original ones, why?

Spending less time and money on the upkeep of a particular decor item meant for landscape decoration is always preferred. That is why the fake alternatives should always be considered. The other reasons supporting this statement are:-

  • For proper maintenance of the original plants and trees, you need to do the cutting, pruning and also shaping. The faux alternative will never ask you to follow any of these processes.
  • For its growth and survival chances, weather conditions suited to the real plant has to be maintained. No matter which temperature or climatic conditions you choose, the fake ones will keep looking fresh.
  • Proper sun exposure, shade, and watering are completely essential for live plants, while the faux ones will not require them.
  • Investment in buying fertilizers and pesticides becomes a true necessity in case of original plants and trees for retaining its health and also getting saved from insect attack. For artificial ones, none of these is mandatory.
  • The real plant and tree may decay or die without the needed care. The replica of the original trees and plants will be fresh as ever even when exposed to harsh conditions.

From where can you get to buy and order these amazing faux botanical products?

The company which has been manufacturing the best available quality of artificial landscaping botanical products is none other than Plantscape Inc.  It has been working hard every day with its team of professions in creating the most realistic looking fake foliage and for retaining the top spot in the industry, since 1974. There is a huge variety of fake outdoor or indoor tropical trees, artificial plants with colorful flowers, topiaries and also a beautiful collection of containers and planters to be found in their collection.

The manufacturing team of the company is formed by hiring the best botanists, landscape architects, graphic designers, and engineers. If you are planning for office plant design, then the reception desk of a huge corporate office can come alive if these fake beauties are placed over there and can even upgrade the look of the conference room if you place them there too. For interested customers, the company can take care of the entire landscape designing using their decor items, any customized order and also the installation process.

What are the unique characteristics of the artificial botanical products found in the collection of Plantscape Inc?

If your landscaping idea is to create a tropical garden inside the lobby of the huge children’s hospital, then the there is nothing better than opting for the faux botanical landscaping products from PlantscapeInc. Their unique characteristics are:-

  • The fake botanical products from their collection have earned Class A rating from the state authorities for making the products completely fire retardant. No amount of damage can be caused to them during fire break out.
  • No harsh weather conditions like exposure to harmful UV rays can cause any fading of color to these products because they are impregnated with special chemicals during the manufacturing process.
  • These replica of the original botanical beauties are completely safe for use in the interiors, especially in case of any restaurants. Only non-toxic chemicals are used on them.
  • Just dusting these fake beauties and washing them once in awhile can retain its fresh appearance all your life. This quality makes it extremely cost-effective, as you do not have to ever contact any corporate plant service for their maintenance.

Why do you think the products from Plantscape Inc? has earned so much of popularity amongst leading landscape designers?

Large corporate houses appoint the best landscape architects or designers for doing up the interior and exterior landscapes of the luxurious properties. They never like to contact any interior plant maintenance services and incur more cost for the maintenance of the decor items. Hence, the designers completely rely on the replica of the original plants and trees from Plantscape Inc. for executing their design ideas.

Very high-quality silk is used in creating these extremely lightweight faux beauties. However, the prices for which you can get them is unbelievably less compared to others in the industry. For people interested, they can visit the official website of Plantscape Inc., request for the catalog and then ask for quotations before placing their orders.


For nurturing the interior landscaping elements of any luxurious property, like resorts, hotels, malls or even corporate offices, PlantscapeInc. Is your destination, from where you should source the faux landscaping botanical items.