The HR

As the team grows, so too does the amount of management and admin work that it needs. HR needs, including managing employee records and payroll, will swell over time. You can handle it in house by hiring your own experienced HR reps and buying HR software to help automate the time-consuming parts of their job, but outsourced HR services can help you transition to that hire without taking on all the costs immediately.

The more you get your business on track, the more duties and responsibilities you tend to pick up along the way. It becomes clear that it’s enough for you and your team to do alone, but does that mean you should expand your workforce? Instead, we’re going to look at which duties might be better and more cost-effectively handled with a little help from your outsourcing friends.

The admin stuff

Virtual assistants are becoming a much more commonplace member of the team. From taking phone calls to managing your schedule, they can help take some of the organizational strain off a business owner. Since they work remotely, they can be extremely cost-effective, too. If you feel like you’re being buried under busy work and you want more time and freedom to work on what’s most rewarding and profitable, a little help from teams like Smart PA could be what you need.

The IT

Your tech grows right alongside your business as more of your team are doing more things on their digital technology hardware. That hardware takes a lot of work, from creating networks to securing devices to fixing sources of downtime. IT support from teams like Frontline, LLC can help you meet all those duties if you don’t have great enough needs to justify hiring a full time in-house IT team. You might want to transition in-house eventually, but don’t simply leave your IT needs to your employees if you don’t think you need your own support team just yet.

The accounting

While some outsourcing partners help you delegate existing work or meet growing demands in the business, others, like accountants, are an occasional necessity. Outsourcing your accounting ensures that your books are kept as organized as possible, offering you real insight on the financial state of the business. What’s more, chartered accountants help you stay tax compliant, so it’s not worth the risk of not working with them.

The marketing

Unless you have plenty of your own experience in marketing, branding, and advertising, it’s safe to assume that you might not know the best way to engage your audience. Marketing is outsourced by the vast majority of businesses, allowing you to develop your brand and a strategy that your team can pull off without needing that training and expertise.

When outsourcing, you need to seriously consider your needs. Are you outsourcing work that is enough to fill an in house role? Are you in danger of missing goals, or even becoming noncompliant with regulations if you don’t outsource? Consider every choice carefully, but know that outsourcing is a helpful tool that can ensure you stay on top of all your duties