There is no hiding from there fact that having your own business and working for yourself has some amazing perks, especially as a mom. It gives you the flexibility of your working time. Enabling you to be around for those important moments and to be there for your children when you need it. It gives you a chance to contribute to the household, or pay your bills comfortably without the worry of being a burden. But above else it can give you huge satisfaction at the end of the day and something to feel proud about as you may have created something from nothing and turned it into a success. You go mama!

But, I also know that there are some common worries we can all face. It is no secret, there will always be a worry, always something in the back of your mind that will have you taking more minutes than is necessary stressing over it. You may think you are the only one to think them, but you most certainly won’t be on your own. I thought it was time to share with you some of the common worries all business owners will have when they are their own boss. I hope it puts your mind at ease.

A consistent wage

When you have a job or you are employed by somebody else, there is an element of security to that. You have a contract that protects you, you have a wage every month and you have someone to rely on or confide in when things are tough or in turn when things are going well. When you work for yourself, you don’t necessarily have that back up. While the contract and the managers to talk to are not necessarily deal breakers, the consistent wage can often be one of the biggest worry that entrepreneurs and business owners have. You can’t predict from one month to the next how well you are going to do, especially in those early days. However, before starting out or even considering taking that plunge into working for yourself it might be a good idea to start saving to give yourself a little buffer. If you didn’t do it before, then start now. This can be your safety net and quiet enough those concerns you might have on quieter weeks or months. You are in this for the long haul.

Spinning all of the plates

I get it, as a business owner you have no choice but to spin a lot plates. You need to spin the accounting plate, the marketing, the managements and the sales, and then lets not forget the personal plates such as family, budgets, meal prep and generally taking care of yourself. It’s a lot for even superwoman to handle yet along just a normal person like you or me. The truth is, those plates aren’t going anywhere, but you can manage them more effectively. First of all, consider how you manage your time. Time blocking can be a great way to manage your time more effectively, and can have you being a lot more focused by doing one task in bulk. You could also consider outsourcing some areas where your skills are just not best served. This is all about placing a value on your time.

What about retirement plans?

Retirement may seem so far into the future right now, bit if you don’t think about it sooner rather than later, then the lifestyle you may want or have grown accustomed to will start to disappear in your old age. Retirement is a time in your life to be enjoyed, and so thinking about making good decisions now could be the right step to make. This might be investing in future savings or getting your foot on the property ladder. If you take a look at this blog, you will find a lot of information about mortgages and also how you can take advantage of equity in your home in your retirement years. It may certainly stop you worrying about it for now.

Can you afford to have that time off?

When you run a business, i guess a big concern is the fear of missing out. There are two avenues off that. There is the fear of missing out on your business opportunities, potential sales or deals that you can make. Then there is the fear of missing out on that family time or vacation that you so desperately need. It can feel like a catch 22 situation. However, time away from your business, even just a few days can have you feeling more motivated and inspired to push your business forward. Even when you are employed you take vacation time, and being your own boss means that you are in a much better position to schedule this in for yourself and your family.

Are you making the right decisions

Do you question yourself? I bet you do this ten times a day, if not more. After all, as a business owner you will question every decision you make, am I right? Partly the reason behind this is because you have no one to bounce your ideas off on. You haven’t got someone who understands, who is necessarily in there with you at that moment, and that can be tough. However, you know in your gut what the right thing to do is, and trusting it will get you far. It certainly has got you up to this point, hasn’t it?

Not letting negativity take over

Finally, don’t let negativity control how you run your business. It can be so hard to not let it take control, especially as your inner voice can speak louder at times. But trust how far you have come and be grateful for what you have achieved. Faking the thoughts positively until they become a natural way to think is the ideal way to break old habits and create new ones. You’ve got this.

I hope that this helps you when it comes to getting over the common worries we can all face when working for ourselves.