The life of an entrepreneur is lonely. You’re always worrying about the viability of your business during the first months – and sometimes years. If you’ve spent most of your life working for an employer, your independent situation can become a source of many emotions: Worries, stress, anxiety and even moments of manic depression.

Indeed, the freedom you gain when you decide to work for yourself comes at a cost. Being responsible for a business, its strategy, its branding, its reputation, its budget, and its people is not an easy job.

Consequently, the level of mental health issues among entrepreneurs is constantly on the rise. Many entrepreneurs, indeed, struggle with feelings of isolation, which left them exposed to depressive states. If you’re an entrepreneur yourself, you know how hard certain days can feel. You know the cold loneliness of the office in which you take business decisions. And that’s precisely because you know all these that you can’t help but hold out a welcoming hand to a fellow entrepreneur who’s started their career.  

Show your appreciation with a stocking filler under $20

Over half of new entrepreneurs will give up their independent dreams within a year. Many succumb to the emotional pressure of their isolated position. Therefore, a small gift that shows you believe in them can mean the world to a new entrepreneur. It’s a friendly but straightforward way of welcoming them into the business world. With Christmas approaching, now’s the best time to collect some gift ideas for entrepreneurs. You don’t need to break the bank to be supportive. Something as simple as a planner to keep track of their appointment or a social media management platform membership can prove handy and make a great deal of difference. Your gift is not going to turn their business into a success overnight. But it will boost their mood significantly.  

Help them to gather the right skills

What did you wish you knew when you first launched your side hustle business? After all, knowledge is power, and you’d be happy to share your experience with a newcomer. However, it can feel awkward to sit down and tell someone what you would do if you were them. Consequently, you need to find an alternative to encourage a fellow entrepreneur to brush up their business skills. You could, for instance, suggest relevant courses or reading materials. You’ll find as well that not everyone is happy to receive advice they didn’t ask for in the first place. So don’t be too pushy!

Introduce them to your business community

Networking is an essential survival skill in the business environment. If you are part of a local business community, you can encourage your entrepreneur friend to join the same group. It’s a fantastic way to get to meet new companies and partners, which can be the nudge they need to grow their business outreach. If the local community run charity events, suggesting your friend participate can dramatically boost their brand awareness.

The life of a new entrepreneur is full of challenges, from self-doubts to brand awareness struggles. As an experienced side hustler, you can offer your support, both emotional with a small token of your appreciation and professional by sharing your knowledge and community network.