This guide touches on a few of the ways you can use the internet to your advantage to help your business get discovered, assess your online presence and manage your workload, all without having to leave your workspace.

Get Discovered Online

Today a business possessing an online presence is an expectation by new and existing customers, which is why leveraging the power of the internet to advertise your services 24/7 is essential. However, just owning a website isn’t enough. With so many competitors competing for the limelight on Google, devoting time to expanding your online presence to social media and business directories is paramount.

By presenting consistent information and valuable long-form content on your site and across the internet, you could help boost your presence on Google, as this will help to improve your websites SEO (search engine optimization). Further to this, keeping informed of Google’s changes and applying this to your online presence is essential. Such as Google’s mobilegeddon, which requires mobile-optimizing your website to be accessible across all devices (tablet, phone, pc). Sites which are not optimized could risk their website experiencing a lower quality score which could impair your search engine position on Google.

Website Analytics

Once you’ve begun setting up and taking care of your online presence, you will want to know how well your web existence is performing to tailor your online presence to suit your intended audience. Which is why signing up to a web analytics site such as Google Analytics will assist in helping you to discover the following:

  • Number of visitors on your site

  • Source of traffic

  • Device visitors are using to view your site

  • Country and region visitors are from

  • Bounce rate

  • Most visited pages

These are just a few of the features of using website analytics. You can use this to your advantage in various ways. For instance, if you have a high bounce rate (meaning customers are clicking on your site and subsequently clicking off in a short period of time), this could be due to a few reasons. Such as; your site being difficult to navigate, the loading time is too long (sometimes caused by excessive videos and images), the content isn’t retaining the reader, or the site may not be mobile-optimized. These are just some of the reasons that could be making your website challenging to use and navigate on a mobile/tablet device, causing people to bounce off the site. However, by identifying the potential issues, you can begin to make improvements.

Delegate Tasks Online

For those experiencing a high tide of work which you may think is too difficult to cope with on your limited resources, before you consider canceling customers (and more money) stop right there! There is a solution to help you deal and keep new and existing customers happy, by putting your trust in delegating work to other professionals online. For example, you could outsource a bulk order of basic website design onto a site such as Upwork, hire a virtual assistant to take care of data entry processes from Freelancer, or hire online IT managed services to assess and fix IT problems quickly by gaining access to your PC over the internet. Using the digital world to your advantage by delegating tasks which don’t require your specific input, can free up your time and energy to devote time to other areas of the business.

You may already be clued up on some of the positives the internet has to offer. However, with an ever-changing digital world, it’s always beneficial to keep up to date of new ways to improve your visibility online, to engage customers and to find innovative ways to manage business processes using online resources to your advantage.