If you are running a business, there can be a lot of technical stuff to learn. You need a website, a strong social media presence, the ability to send relevant mass emails to your contact list and much more. This, on top of the basic business duties can be overwhelming.

Here at Market Mommy, we are all about simplifying things. The easier, the better. We offer tips to help simplify the world of business ownership and marketing for mom business owners.

Without a doubt, you want to get the most out of your email marketing. You want it to be cost effective and have a strong ROI.

If you have a Google sheet of contacts, it’s now simple to send a mass email to your list. GMass’s Google Sheets integration is complete. You can now send a mass email/mail merge campaign easily to contacts in a Google Sheets spreadsheet.

First, you need to ensure your spreadsheet is formatted correctly. Then, you need to choose your Google sheet and then your worksheet.

If you’d like to personalize your messages; that’s easy too. There are settings options that will allow you to choose personalization options for each column of the spreadsheet. By clicking on these, you can insert personalized fields into the subject and/or body of your email.

In addition to these great features, there are advanced features for the more experienced. Some of my favorite options include setting up recurring emails and the option to do automatic follow up emails. Following up is one of the most important marketing tactics. It can’t be forgotten.

Now, how do you expand your contact list and make this process even more beneficial? But there are some more creative things you can do, too. You want to cultivate and engage your list, so be sure to always include valuable content when you do make a connection with them. If you provide valuable articles or tips repeatedly, chances are your open rates will be higher. It also increases the chances that people will forward your valuable information to others who may in turn sign up for your newsletter. Be sure to include links so your e-mails can easily be shared and others can quickly sign up.