If you’re a regular reader here on MarketMommy.com (and you should be!) you know that this site is all about helping working moms succeed so they can be the superwomen they want and need to be for the sake of their families and their own personal and professional fulfillment.

So, why would anyone who’s managed to accomplish that consider selling their business? Isn’t that a sign of failure? Of giving up?

Actually, no. It’s not.

There are several very reasonable, understandable, and appropriate reasons why a mompreneur may decide to sell her business. And in every case, the fact that the business is salable is proof in and of itself that it is a success.

So, if you’re considering selling your business, don’t be discouraged. See if you can relate to the reasons discussed here, and take some well-deserved “me-time” to think about what your next steps need to be.

Life changes

In many cases, businesses go up for sale due to life changes experienced by the owner. It could be a marriage or a divorce, the birth of a child or the need to move. In some cases, it’s health-based. The owner is getting older and wants to retire, or perhaps she or a family member becomes very sick and she simply can’t invest the necessary time into the business any longer.

In all these cases, it’s important to realize that change happens to everyone, and no change that affects your life is a sign of failure, poor planning, or anything else. It just is.

One of the main reasons many moms get into business for themselves is to be able to strike a more comfortable work/life balance that places more priority on the family and/or personal pursuits and relationships. If these priorities need to take precedence over the business due to changes that have taken place, selling may be the best option.

Economic changes

No one has control over the economy in general or all the various factors that can affect how the market evolves from one year to the next. While strategic planning and insight can sometimes foresee and avoid dips in the economy, every business is forced to weather the storm as best they can.

With all of the other important priorities vying for attention in the lives of most mompreneurs, severe and unexpected economic downturns can very well necessitate finding more lucrative work with a steadier paycheck than the home business allows.

Under those circumstances, a highly skilled woman with excellent job prospects working for someone else may choose to sell her business in favor of something more reliable, and this makes perfect sense.

Interests change

Maybe you’re finding you just don’t have the same passion for the work that you used to, or you feel you’ve already done everything you can do within the confines of the business you created and it’s time for something new. Selling the business is an excellent way to capitalize on the time and effort you’ve invested in the enterprise without prolonging your stay beyond where it’s comfortable.

If you no longer feel the same drive that led you to start your business in the first place, you could end up being miserable if you force yourself to stick with it.

A new, exciting opportunity comes along

One of the most exciting reasons to consider selling your business is when a new and exciting business opportunity comes along that fires you up and makes you want to jump in with both feet! It may be that running both companies isn’t practical or preferable, or you know you’re not going to be able to give both of them the attention they deserve.

In that case, selling your existing business and diving into the new one could be the start of something beautiful.

The main point is simply this: don’t feel guilty about selling your business. It’s not a sign of failure or weakness or anything else. Selling your business is as much a standard part of running your business as any other professional decision you can be called on to make.

And sometimes, it’s the best decision you can possibly make.