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Hello! I’m just a guy who loves odd, unusual things that you’ve never heard of…things that would make a great gift for him!  But, gift-giving can be hit or miss…

A bad gift leaves you with a fake smile, saying thank your through your teeth…but a great gift shakes your soul, and really creates a bond between the two of you…Its like, they get you..and you get them. Huge difference. So, which are you? A good gifter, or a bad gifter? Either way, let me help! Getting ideas is half the battle…

I take the best from around the web, and archive it on my website: in order to get the juices flowing, and help you pick out a gift you know he’ll love. Everything on my site, I either have and love, I want, or I know other guys will want as well..I’m a guy…I know what guys want!

My site has gift ideas for guy for all ages. From Huggies to Depends (did I go there? I think I just did) I really take the time to think about my audience, and what they’d really want on their special day. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Also, LIKE my facebook page to get gift ideas in your facebook feed! My favorite gift on my site right now is a personalized bobble head (so cool!)…and a post that is coming up…a game called the human slingshot! Looks like tons of fun! Check it out!

Also, Fathers Day is Sunday June 19th..check out my Fathers Day gift ideas blog post. There may be some things on there you’ve never heard of…and he might want! Go now!