Hello! Happy Monday! Welcome to our Mommy Monday feature for this week! Each week, we interview a mom business owner and get to know her a little better! We like to find out how she balances life with children and a business! We also like to hear about the marketing strategies that are working for her! Hopefully, this provides a little bit of inspiration to all of the other hard working moms out there! If you’d like to be considered for this feature, send us an e-mail! We’d love to learn about your business, too!

Today’s mom entrepreneur is Jennifer Roberge.

What is your business?
The Eczema Company and It’s an Itchy Little World.

When did you start your business?

What services/products do you offer?

At The Eczema Company, we offer natural eczema treatments for children and adults. Our mission is to provide the best products for eczema to soothe your itchy little world. Our blog shares my family’s personal experiences with battling eczema and we also offer advice from natural health care practitioners as well as success stories from other families. 

How do you balance family and business?
Well, I’m not sure it’s that balanced, but I try my best to work only when the kids are at school. But that can be tricky at times because I work from home and I find myself often jumping back to my office to return just one email or search for an idea that just popped to mind. The kids are really good at reminding me that they need attention and my work can wait J But no matter how balanced or unbalanced my work-life balance is, I do try not to judge myself for it and that’s what really makes a difference.

What advice do you have for other mom entrepreneurs?
Don’t be too hard on yourself. There will be times when you’ll work too much and that’s ok. Forgive yourself and move on. Just make time for your family and appreciate those amazing moments when you have them. Put your phone down, walk away from the computer and give yourself fully to your family.

How do your market your business?
We do a lot of work over social media and we love to work with bloggers. Email marketing does really well for us too, so we sent out two newsletters each month with information on our products and with posts from our blog.

Where can we find you?

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theeczemacompany/

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/eczemacompany/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EczemaCompany

Facebook: facebook.com/theeczemacompany/