Nellie AklapMarket Mommy:: When and why did you found your business?

Nellie:: After we sold my first company to Intuit back in 2005, we took a few years off to spend time with the kids, work out and relax. We soon realized that we were too young, too bored, too passionate and too motivated to take on an early retirement so after our non-compete agreement with Intuit expired, we decided to get back into the document filing industry and started in 2009 since thats where our passion and excitement liesIN Small Business..making peoples small business dreams into a reality!

Market Mommy:: How long did it take before you felt successful?

Nellie:: We started in 2009 and it took us 4 years to break even and we are just seeing the true success and fruits of all of our effortsso almost 6 years. For me its a constant battle because I am always setting these high goals and standards for myself and my team so even when we have seen success, we are off onto a another crusadeLOL!

Market Mommy:: How do you define success?

Nellie:: I believe success is something you achieve based on how much you put into whatever it is that you would like to see success from. Certainly others can help you, just as others can provide obstacles, but ultimately you make your own success and your own failure.  What I know for sure is that if you want to have success and be successful, you cant make success your goal. The key is not to worry about being successful, but to instead work toward being significant and the success will naturally follow.  If you have the vision, drive, and the determination, and you immerse yourself into whatever it is that you are trying to do, you can and will accomplish that goal in the face of any obstacle or challenge, the rest will come.. And that in itself is success!!!  I truly believe, that the reason Ive been able to be so financially successful is because my focus has never, ever for one minute been money even to this day. I would do what I do today, which is inspiring and empowering small business owners by assisting them with making their business dreams into a reality and not get paid for it…that is how much I love what I do and thats how you know you are doing the right thing.  Off course, hitting daily, monthly, quarterly revenues is just a matter of numbers, but more me, its bigger than that.  Its creating a legacy and leaving a legacy behind and the biggest success for me would be if as a result of my help, motivation and inspiration, someone else was able to achieve success and true happiness and doing what they love to do.

Market Mommy:: How do you balance parenting with running your business?

Nellie:: From the outside, it might seem to be a breeze for me, but believe me: Ive set up rules and processes to make sure both components of my life get the attention they need to thrive. Some of these rules include choosing one over the other – you cant be CEO and Mommy at the same time so choose one thing to focus 100% attention to at a time and switch roles. Sometimes, for my own sanity, I dont focus on either role as CEO or Mommy and instead focus simply on myself and it helps a lot! De-stress and then go back to what needs attention.

Market Mommy:: When did you break the six-figure threshold?

Nellie:: We broke the six-figure threshold in our first year in business. To most thats a huge deal, but in our industry, our profit margin is super low so even though we broke the six figure mark in our first year, our costs and expenses outweighed our profits so it took a while for us to become a profitable company.

Market Mommy::  What business strategies contributed to your success?

Nellie:: Our reputation in the industry, the relationships we establish and maintained with our clientele and our AMAZING unsurpassed personable customer service is what I believe has contributed so much to the success of

Market Mommy:: What specific marketing efforts really paid off for you?

Nellie:: Surveying our clients, listening to what they had to say and improving and innovating and coming out with products and services based on their feedback and needs.  In addition, myself and my company both have heavy social media presence which I love. We want to be a resource to people to come to with questions, not just any service. Being on social media allows us to share a plethora of valuable content to help and inspire others.

Market Mommy:: What advice do you have for moms who are just starting out on their entrepreneur adventure?

Nellie:: I recommend that you first get your support system ready. Whether it is your family or friends, you will need to let people you love know about the journey you are embarking on so no one is left feeling like they werent prepared for the repercussions you becoming an entrepreneur will cause. Next I recommend you set goals early and often. I think a lot of newbie entrepreneurs dont think about setting goals when they first start a business. They just want to get the business started and begin making money! But setting goals is a really easy way to set your sights on where you want to go. Finally, my last piece of advice is to get help when you need it! Its Ok to ask for help, find a mentor or look for resources along the way. There is so much out there and available, just find it and you will get back on your road to success.