By Abbey Fatica

So you’ve got this amazing business and have started marketing and sharing with others. That’s great! You have taken that leap of faith to show the world how excited you are about your new venture  As you get out more into the market place, you come to realize that there is someone out there plugging the same or similar idea and they are doing it better, getting more sales, growing faster and stronger than you. Your initial adrenaline and excitement has worn off and you actually start to wonder if your business is good enough. The questions start popping up like: what more can I do, why is so and so out selling me, am I in the right industry, they must be better than me? Then you start questioning yourself who am I to think I could do this, who am I kidding that person is way better than me, they have more experience, I should just give up now. 

And you know what I say to that ENOUGH!  Just STOP! Where is that excitement you had when you started your business? Remember the dream of going to the top and making it! You are letting your ego get the best of you by comparing yourself to others. And that is going to get you on a fast track to nowhere. 
I recently saw this post that said these are the 8 things that you need to give up now. And this is not just for business but for life:
-Doubting Yourself
-Negative Thinking
-Fear of Failure
-Criticizing yourself and others
-Negative self talk
-Fear of Success
-People Pleasing
I’d like to add one more things to that list: Don’t Complain 
If you do need to complain then seriously give yourself a timer and only complain for 5 minutes and be done. No one really wants to hear your problems and you don’t want to bring others down. It is is good to hash out your feelings but let’s not dwell on them. Instead take a minute and focus on the good in your life. You’ve got this amazing business that you know will be the way to set you free.
Instead of questioning yourself and watching others surpass you because you are more worried about what others are doing, just let go of the distractions and the negative thoughts that are swirling around in your head. I know this sounds easier said than done, but the key is to stay focused on the task at hand and to stay in action. When you are diligently working then those negative thoughts don’t have a place in your head. When you are fulfilling your passion then there is no room for fear or your ego to come in and tell you that you can’t do this. You totally can do this as long as you put your blinders and earmuffs on. Follow your gut because this opportunity came to you for some reason. So go with it and tackle with everything you’ve got! 
Now, as I tell my team, when that voice pops into your head of self-doubt or worry then take a step back and think is this truly serving me for the greater good of what I’m trying to do? Is this really a thought I need in my head? How is this moving me forward? 
If you are like me, you will get a pit in your stomach literally telling you that something is not right and that you need to move on. Three serious deep breaths usually do the trick and I’m ready to get back on track. With these breaths you are pushing that negative energy out of your body so that it has no where to live. 
You WILL reach the goals you set out to achieve. Just stay the course and don’t quit and the rewards will start rolling in. It might some time and you will have set backs, but just stay positive and remember that you are not your ego and it does not have to survive. Just give it the old heave ho and kick the negative thoughts and your ego to the curb! You GOT this!

Abbey Fatica is a mom of four that has transformed her lifestyle by being committed to being healthy and fit. She loves helping other moms feel comfortable in their skin and achieve their dreams. She created Reinventing Moms after coming to the realization that she needed to regain control of her physical and financial life.   Knowing that her purpose is to help moms who are unhappy with their current situation to get back to a healthy, fit body and achieve their desired lifestyle makes it easy to ask “How Can I Help YOU Today?”