I’m always so excited to get an email from Wonder Forge. The company offers awesome games for kids and they regularly reach out to me for reviews. Their lineup always includes items that feature the latest and greatest and what’s popular with kids. We’ve featured games from Frozen and Doc McStuffins before. This year was no exception. We received games based on the latest Peanuts and Good Dinosaur movies.

Below, you can see each of the games I reviewed; as well as little information about each. Any of these would make an awesome gift this holiday season!

Eye Found It! Journey Through Time Hidden Picture Game (Retail $19.99)
This was probably favorite of all the games we reviewed this time. My kids all love the hidden picture books so this was perfect for them. The game takes you from the prehistoric era to present day on a huge six foot game board. It’s recommended for ages four years and up and is for 1-6 players. Very fun!

The Good Dinosaur Roarin’ River Game (Retail $14.99)

This is another great game, geared at ages 3-10. My four-year-old enjoyed it the most. Based on the movie, the goal is to work together and help Arlo and his friends outrun the flooding river. The oversized board is fun and colorful and depicts dangerous canyons, forests and plains.

The Peanuts Movie Snoopy Flying Ace Game (Retail $14.99)

I love Snoopy and the entire Peanuts gang! This one was fun to play as an entire family. It’s easy for the younger ones, yet exciting because it’s a race and very visual. Snoopy takes off as the Flying Ace in pursuit of the Red Baron. Players flip cards and race to make matches before Snoopy spins to a stop.

Apple Pop Game (Retail $14.99)
We also had a great time playing the Apple Pop board game, trying to move the apples around the tree or pop them out on the first try. You get extra points if they land in a basket so it’s a fun game of strategy. This game is also recommended for those over four and all of my kids enjoyed it.

Other available games include:


Pictopia™ Star Wars Edition Family Trivia Game– The Ultimate Picture Trivia Family Game! Age 7+ / $19.99
Star Wars The Force Awakens™ Star Destroyer Strike Game
 – Choose carefully or the enemy will strike!  Age 6+ / $24.99
Star Wars The Force Awakens™ Galaxy Hunt Game
 – Choose carefully or the enemy will strike!  Age 6+ / $16.99
Disney Imagicademy Storymation Studio
 – Stop Motion Movie Kit Age 4+ $29.99
Disney Imagicademy Mickey Mouse Animals Activity Book
 Age 4+ / $14.99
Disney Imagicademy Frozen Science Activity Book
 Age 4+ / $14.99