Search Engine Optimisation is an online strategy used by individuals and businesses to increase website visitors, increase subscribers and increase sales. These are the most common reasons SEO tactics are used. However, there is another unusual and practical way to benefit from SEO. It’s become an effective method to land all types of jobs through the internet. Some ways SEO can improve your chances of landing a job include the following:

You Can Show Potential Employers What You’re Able to Do

Many modern employers approach the hiring process differently to their predecessors. They are more interested in what job applicants can do, rather than what qualifications they have or what college they attended. It’s a huge transformation. This change in the hiring process creates job opportunities for a wide range of people who may never have qualified in a particular area.

SEO is an excellent example of this. Many SEO experts are self-taught and have developed highly sought after skills and knowledge. If a potential employer or SEO company searches for an SEO expert and your website appears, this is clear proof that you’re qualified to do the job.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Keywords

It’s possible to land a lucrative contract or your dream job through the proper use of keywords. Keywords are the cornerstone of many types of SEO campaigns. They can also be used to get noticed by employers.

Keywords are words and phrases used to find various types of information online. Employers use them to search for potential employees. If you optimise all of your online content, there’s a greater chance you’ll be approached by someone who wants to hire you.

Some places where you can add optimised content and keywords about yourself include your personal blog, your business blog, forums, other people’s blogs and any other online outlet that lets you publish content online.

If for example you’re a graphic designer based in Manchester, you could include the keyword ‘Manchester graphic designer’ in content you post on your website or someone else’s. When someone looking for a graphic designer in the Manchester area types this keyword into a search engine, there’s a good chance you could feature in the search results.

Easy to Find Websites Impresses Potential Employers

You may not work in SEO. However, if you’re website is optimised by SEO professionals like Click Intelligence and is easy to find in the search engines, it’s a clear indication that you take your career seriously. When employers look for a freelancer or new employee and your website appears, there’s a good chance you’ll be called for an interview.

The modern workplace is much different than it was for previous generations. More people than ever are working in internet-related positions or trying to find work through the internet. SEO is a powerful way to get ahead of the crowd as you try to land the perfect job. Understanding how SEO works and how other people find information gives you an unfair advantage over other people looking for the same job as you.