Bandwidth, simply put, is the amount of traffic that passes through your website. All companies that have their own website anticipate a certain amount of traffic per month, and allocate resources accordingly. However, bandwidth is more important to some companies than others. For example, a company that facilitates buying or selling online, like eBay, has to be concerned about bandwidth more than, say, a website that hosts a family blog. If you can’t properly calculate the bandwidth you need, your company could end up with bad deals and misinformation from hosting companies. To avoid this scenario, learn why bandwidth is important for your online store:

A Slow Loading Time Will Cost You Customers

Unless you are Google, don’t expect people to wait for your website to load. These loading seconds matter a lot. According to a survey conducted by two content aggregator companies, web users expect a site to load within 2 seconds or less. More than a half of web shoppers say they won’t return to a site that is slow. An online business could lose a quarter of its customer base if the website takes over 4 seconds to load. If you reach the peak of your bandwidth limit, your website could become slow, which will most certainly cost you in profits. That’s why it’s extremely important that e-commerce sites take bandwidth issues seriously.

Traffic Can Spike Unexpectedly

If you are a budding e-commerce site, you probably dream about the day your traffic stats spike to alpine levels. Some dreams do come true. If your company is mentioned in the news, or if a deal you are offering goes viral, more and more people will begin to visit your site. More page visits require more bandwidth. If the traffic exceeds your current bandwidth package, your site will go down faster than the Hindenburg. A crashed site will bring your business to a standstill, and you’ll have to start attracting customers from scratch. Therefore, you should carefully choose a bandwidth package and web hosting company. Some hosts, like and, offer robust plans and automatic upgrades if your traffic spikes, which is ideal for start-ups.

It’s Necessary for Digital Sales

Does your e-commerce site offer digital downloads? If so, you’ll require a lot of bandwidth. Having a site run smoothly is vital for your customers to have access to any digital content that they might purchase and copy to their personal computers from your server. So if you sell downloads, make sure your bandwidth capacity is at least double that of a regular online seller.

Revamped Websites Can’t Do Without It

If you are a proper business, you will end up redesigning your website time and time again. If you add new graphics or videos to your site, you’ll need a good bandwidth package to ensure that visitors can interact with the new content without a hassle. If you have a devout follower base, introducing a new design can be a tricky business. Don’t let things get worse by making the new website load slower.

Basically, think of bandwidth to your online store as the buying lines in a physical store. You want these lines to move through the counters and shelves quickly if you want customers to come back to your store. Therefore, don’t be frugal when it comes to purchasing a good bandwidth package for your site.