Many people think of welding as being more of a ‘man’s job’, but it’s actually a pretty good career option for women as well. Although it’s estimated that currently only around 5% of welders in the US are female, there is also a massive shortage of around 200,000 skilled welders – and with the average wage for a welder being around $15.51 per hour with skilled welders earning even more, it’s easy to see why many girls have decided that it’s a decent career opportunity. If you’re thinking of getting into the welding industry, we’ve put together a list of great tips and advice to help you get far in a world currently dominated by men.

Knowledge is Power

When it comes to the welding industry, knowledge will get you a long way. If you’re thinking of taking up welding as a career it’s a good idea to take as many classes as you can in the different forms of welding, and learn about the how’s and why’s that are behind everything you will do as a welder.

Be Professional

Any women who’s ever pursued a career in an industry dominated by men will know that often, they just don’t get taken seriously. However, don’t let this put you off – after all, all industries were once dominated by men, and women worked hard to bring about equality. As a welder it’s important that you remain professional at all times as the way that you conduct yourself and even the way you dress is unfortunately going to affect the way in which people will treat you.

Be Tough

As a female working in the welding industry, you’re likely going to have to develop a tough skin. If you are not comfortable with the attitude of the manager or foreman of a welding company then you should not take the job, as although gender issues are still out there in this type of industry they are disappearing, and there will be other job opportunities. You may have to put up with some crude language or bad jokes, but never be afraid to pull people on this if you are offended, and be clear about what is and isn’t acceptable.

Take Pride in Your Work

Loving the job that you do, paying attention to detail and taking pride in your work will make you more valuable to your employer and any potential employers, and is advice not just for female welders but any welder looking to go a long way in the industry.

Stay Safe

Welding can be a dangerous profession, so it’s important that you know as much as possible about the tools that you are using and how to safely use them. It’s also crucial that you always use the correct protective gear and safety equipment, such as welding helmets – see Lincoln’s welding helmets to browse their great range.

Are you a female welder, or do you know a lady who works in the industry? If you’d like to pass on any further advice, we’d love to hear from you in the comments.