Concerned about GMOs and the effects they might be having on your health? Try the new Non-GMO cooking oils from LifeOiL! You can find them in Sam’s Club and WalMart stores now!

Donald Bryant Jr. believes small innovations hold great potential. Bringing this potential to life is the driving mission behind his consumer products company, Alden Group Brands.

Since founding the company in 2007, Donald and his team develop brands that promote wellness. “Our company and products,” explains Donald, “are designed to challenge the usual and improve lives.”

Their big break? When celebrity B. Smith signed on to become the face of their first product, olive oil. “This was a turning point for us,” says Donald. “We succeeded in getting our product in stores throughout the country and succeeded in promoting healthful and smart cooking, which is very important to me.”

Capitalizing on the success of B. Smith’s Olive Oil, Alden Group recently launched LifeOiL Non-GMO Cooking Oils.

LifeOiL products are designed to challenge the usual and improve lives. As one of the first Non-GMO cooking oil brands in the country, LifeOiL offers Non-GMO Project Verified Oils including: canola oil, corn oil, soybean oil (vegetable oil), and an all-purpose blend of sunflower, safflower and olive oil.

“I am so excited about LifeOiL,” he says. “It’s an alternative to the genetically engineered (GMO) brands and oils on the market. Our mission is to provide healthy options that improves they way people cook and eat. The potential there is so great.”

In fact, LifeOiL is now sold at Wal-Mart stores nationwide and select Sam’s Club stores, with distribution continuing to grow every month.

Bringing LifeOiL to life—and then to stores—is an important milestone for Alden Group Brands in becoming a major consumer products company.

Double packs of two, one-liter bottles can be purchased for just $5.98. But, you need to hurry! Products are only available through the month of October! Head to your local WalMart or Sam’s Club today!