Beginner tips for bloggers

Well, if you are planning to start a blog, you need some guidance and help. So, we are posting some of the most important tips for bloggers. Please note that these tips are for beginners. Also, if you want, you can purchase books on ‘beginner’s guide’.

Choose a category

Most of the beginners make this mistake. They don’t choose a category, but try to fit in everything in that little blog. Don’t do that!

Choosing a specific category helps because you can focus on selected topics and post it online. Even if you want to write what you love, you have a category for that. I call it – my thoughts, my world. This category does not speak about one particular topic because it is a collection of random thoughts. You are not expected to be accurate or true.

On the other hand, if you choose ‘review’ category (sub-category – entertainment) where you are planning to post reviews of movies, music and so on.

Whatever it may be, choose just one category and write about it.

Don’t write what others are writing about

As a blogger, you will find similar thoughts posted by others. That is fine. However, try not to post content that is ‘exactly’ same to the content posted on another site/blog. However, writing something that no one has thought about is difficult because there are zillion other blogs all over the world. So, there will be something similar already on the web.

Be expressive, not impressive

With a new blog, people try to impress readers by writing in a professional tone, but their content is basic. But here is a secret, ‘People love reading articles that are easy to understand and something they can relate to.’ So, spend less time wording them and more time on the thoughts. Express your feelings!

Pictures matter

If your blog has no pictures, your blog is boring. Visuals make posts interesting. So, try and add some pictures to your blog. If you think that you are not a good photographer, there are stock pictures available. Use it. Note: Using others’ pictures, you should ask them before using it. Also, have a credit line below or on the image.

Formatting is important

Here, you should follow some rules.

1. Have a specific font size for the content and title. Don’t keep it same. For example, if your title font size is 13, keep the content’s font size around 9.

2. Font color is important. Don’t change it now and then.

Two simple rules. Follow it!

Interactive sections

If you can, have a section in your blog where you can communicate with your readers. This will let you know their thoughts on your blog and help you improve.

However, if you cannot have interactive sections, have interactive sessions. Invite them for a Hangout video chat or communicate with them on other social networks. Do it once a month.

Concluding, these tips should help blogger beginners to create a decent blog. However, one should not expect popularity to ring at their blog doors at the start. This takes time and hard work.