Hello! Happy Monday! Welcome to our Mommy Monday feature for this week! Each week, we interview a mom business owner and get to know her a little better! We like to find out how she balances life with children and a business! We also like to hear about the marketing strategies that are working for her! Hopefully, this provides a little bit of inspiration to all of the other hard working moms out there! If you’d like to be considered for this feature, send us an e-mail! We’d love to learn about your business, too!

Today’s mom entrepreneur is Kellie McGarry.

What is your business?
Nourished and New

When did you start your business?
I have been a health coach since March 2012

What services/products do you offer?
I offer Holistic Health Coaching and Body Image Coaching.  I work with women 1:1 and in groups. My next group is an Online support group called Beautiful Freedom: The Body Love Group and uses my new workbook.

How do you balance family and business?
I home school this year so I meet clients by phone or skype during the afternoon or evening, or I can meet in person on Wed. or Thursday mornings.  I work on my business whenever I have the time- such as when my kids are watching a video or after their bedtime.

What advice do you have for other mom entrepreneurs?
My advice first of all, is to be your authentic self.  Don’t try to copy other successful businesswomen, like I did at the beginning.  Know your unique personality and what makes you tick.  Get in touch with your passions and use that to motivate you and light your fire. Second, make time for self-care. Don’t be afraid to put your work aside and pamper yourself.  A burned out mom will make for a mediocre business.

How do your market your business?
I am currently marketing my business through workshops and my book that is published on Amazon.  I also enjoy attending networking meetings and making connections.

Where can we find you?
On the web
My blog
Find my book here