By Terri Fry Brukhartz, PCC, CPCC

I’ve just returned from a vacation in San Francisco. Boy, did I need it! It can seem difficult to go on vacation, especially if you’re a solopreneur. Many small business owners are afraid they won’t have a business to return to if they leave.

Several years ago I had a client who was scared half-to-death to leave. After much thought, he finally left for a week, explained to his clients that he would be going, recorded ‘vacation’ voicemail and email messages, and off he went. His business was not only waiting for him, but nothing bad happened. Now he takes vacations at least annually. He has gone from being a one-man show to a four-person operation. Going on vacation didn’t impeed his growth a bit.

His mentality has changed, too. He and I were having lunch recently and he told me that his whole company is considering working out of the country for January since it’s generally a slow time. He just thinks it would be really fun to live in another country for a month and they can work remotely, so why not?

I’m not saying that my client’s business grew because he went on vacation, but it definitely didn’t hurt. Here are three things you and your business will gain by leaving it for a while:

1.    Get Energized. If you’ve been feeling like your business is running you instead
of the other way around, you need a break. This is the time that you are most likely
to believe a vacation will sink your business; but it’s also the time that
you are most likely to benefit. If you’re running yourself ragged, you’re not
serving your clients or customers as well as you possibly can. Take a break and
get energized – even if it’s just for a long weekend.

2.    Gain Perspective. When you return refreshed, relaxed and reinvigorated, you will
also see your business with a fresh pair of eyes. You’ll see things that need changing.
You’ll have new ideas. You’ll also see what you’re doing right!

3.    Gain Peace of Mind. This one is awesome. When you leave, you’ll have something
you didn’t have beforehand. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you can leave
and your business will be waiting for you upon your return. Next time you decide to go,
the decision will be easy.

It’s summer. Do yourself and your business a favor. Take a vacation and really enjoy it.
You’re business will be waiting for you when you return. Plus, you’ll have the confidence
to go away again without worrying so much about it.

Terri Fry Brukhartz, LCSW, CPCC, has been helping business professionals make more money, do what matters and thrive on their successes since 2001. Coach Terri began her career in 1982 working for advertising agency Leo Burnett and the internationally acclaimed TV conglomerate, CBS.  In 1987, Coach Terri started The Fry Group, Inc., a publishers’ representative firm. Clients included Details Magazine, Men’s Health, and Harvard Business Review. With her husband, two kids and two dogs in tow, it’s a wonder Coach Terri has enough time to get everything done – much less go on vacation! She resides in Chicago but works by phone with entrepreneurs around the world. Feel free to contact her by e-mail or call 708-386-0500.