Are you a tech-savvy mom looking for a way to monitor your child’s health records, get relevant advice, have access to useful resources and talk with experienced parents all in one place? Kinsights is an advice-sharing network for parents and offers all of the above.

Parenting is tough! Whether you’re facing a fever or potty training, Kinsights can help you make the right decisions. They safely monitor your child’s health records, give you access to resources, useful data and most of all a community of parents who’ve been there before!

It’s a place where you can get answers to questions that are specific to you and your child. For instance, if your child has a certain food allergy, you’ll be connected to families who share that experience and can help answer your questions. You’ll be able to post note and give advice to other parents, or even journal your own experiences.

Kinsights is an online community and features groups that you can join. Groups pertain to you and foster discussions between you and other parents. You can discuss anything from allergies to local events and more.

Once you create a free account and sign in you’ll be able to ask questions of parents who have been in your shoes before. You can share your own experiences with others and you can track your own child’s health history. The site aims to let you spend more time enjoying parenthood and less time dealing with it.

You’re encouraged to post questions to the Kinsights community of parents and then you’ll get great answers in return. While you’re at it, look around at the questions other parents have asked and see if you have any helpful advice to offer them in return.

Here are just a few of the topics covered on Kinsights:

  • Health
  • Teenagers
  • Responsibility
  • Race
  • Technology
  • Activities

Check it out and let us know what you think!