By Chelsea Duggan

As the Holiday time warp begins, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with what you have coming down the pipeline. Business needs to move forward amidst the chaos. Prioritize your hit list while keeping these key tips in mind.

What do you NEED versus what do you WANT?

You WANT more Facebook likes but you really NEED more customers.

Break this down over a few steps and see if you can’t find a win-win situation. Consider offering your current customers a special holiday deal where their friends join and like you on Facebook. You might also find Facebook ads to be more effective in channeling new customers down the pipeline. Don’t get caught up in things that aren’t converting well and instead try a different tack.

You WANT to relax and enjoy the season but you NEED to work

Try and set manageable goals for yourself that allow you extra time where you need it most. For example, I get up early before the kids so that I can get one task done before the howling for pancakes begins. I also multitask where I can and while I’m flipping those pancakes I’m stirring up some chili for dinner. This way I’ve cleared another thirty minutes at the end of the day to follow up on phone calls, help with homework, or *gasp relax by singing my favorite song.

You WANT things to be easy but you NEED them to be manageable

This is where you need to take things one step at a time and have a plan. Just like dinner doesn’t magically appear except on pizza night your business won’t succeed unless you can get after the next piece of the puzzle. What one thing can you do today that will bring you closer to your goals? The endless to-do list isn’t the answer here, rather a few small steps each day to reach the next starting line. Yeah, there isn’t a finish line.

You WANT to reach X but you NEED to finish Y

Use your resources and don’t be afraid to reach out for help. Places like Market Mommy and their umbrella of friends can guide you through difficult times and even take some of the work off of your shoulders. See what you can outsource to help package your success.

As your schedule tightens up and all you WANT is to relax. Be sure you meet your NEEDS first by making the time to strive towards a few goals. Keep in mind you can always push things to next year but in the meantime you want to enjoy the ride.

Chelsea Duggan:: An entrepreneur, parent and advocate for early childhood development through creative education, Chelsea Duggan is the Founder and Director of Milestar Babies. This innovative online resource enables busy parents to have an influential impact on newborn children, up to three years in age. Chelsea’s background in education – a passion she shares with her two children, so they themselves can enjoy a lifelong interest in learning – is at the center of Milestar Babies. That commitment to excellence starts with shared moments and teacher-designed lessons, which parents can further customize, so children can discover, synthesize and pursue their own discoveries. Chelsea believes that every child is an amazing individual, who deserves to learn at his or her own pace. This kid-tested, parent-approved philosophy is Chelsea’s distinctive concept, complemented by the convenience of the Internet and her dynamic site. A graduate of Northwestern and a member of the Chicago Women Entrepreneurs Network, Chelsea welcomes the opportunity to interact with parents and children throughout the nation and the world.