Here we are a couple weeks after New Year’s Resolutions go by the wayside. You’ve opened up a bag of chips and that gym membership has already fallen to the bottom of your purse. Things got too hard and you wanted to just work on the parts of your life that were easy.
Is this what your business model looks like? In order to run a successful business, you need to have a synergistic comprehensive system that include your mind, body and business working together as one.
If you give up easily on the personal aspects of your life then what’s going to stop you from giving up on your business? There are going to be days when others let you down, you have a huge disappointment, you gain a couple pounds, or it seems like the world is out to get you, but that just means you need to readjust and regroup. Take some time to grieve about the situation then get ready to pick yourself up and use it as learning moment. What do you need to do to change the outcome?
In your life and in your business no one can solve the problems but you. You are the one who is in charge and making all the decisions so make ones that are going to push you further. Don’t dwell on that last bad situation because there will be plenty of positive opportunities coming up as long as you keep yourself open to them. The minute you shut down and worry about how to fix a problem that you have no control over is when you will lose the forward momentum that you are building to grow a business that you are proud of and is a success.
So how do I do this?
*Give yourself a break. Literally. If you are working 24/7 on your business and not taking any personal time for yourself then you won’t be able to grow and formulate a new plan.
*Eat right! When you are putting healthy foods into your body instead of filling yourself up with caffeine and/or sugar then your mind has the chance to get rid of that nervous energy and anxiety you may be feeling and will allow you to be open to new ideas.
*Exercise. I know, you’ve heard it before, but just walk away from the computer. Set down the smart phone and give your body a release of endorphins that will help you with brainstorming your next big thing.
*Personal Growth. What have you read today that is going to help your business grow? Have you learned a new technique that could make you better at your job> Read books from people who have master the skill set you want to have.
*Set Business hours as an Entrepreneur. You are going to need time to schedule in the other things I mentioned above so why don’t you schedule the time you spend working. If you are a work at home mom, then you are not going to have an 8 hour block of time that you can work. That’s fine. Do what works for you and your family. For example, my “typical” day with four kids allows me to answer emails and network in the morning for 2 hours. I make phone calls and do follow up calls during nap time which is another 2 hours and then after bedtime I’m back doing more phone calls and meeting new people for roughly 3 hours. That’s seven hours right there. Sure it’s not all in a row, but I won’t be able to do that until all my kids are in school. Having business hours also allows your clients to know when you are available and when you are off taking care of yourself, your family or having much needed family time.
By incorporating these aspects into your life, you are able to see that you can’t control the bad thing that just happened but now your mind is open to learning how to cope with disappointment in the future without giving up. Sure you might have failures along the way in your business, but these failures are what will lead you on the road to a HUGE success.
Abbey Fatica is a mom of four that has transformed her lifestyle by being committed to being healthy and fit. She loves helping other moms feel comfortable in their skin and achieve their dreams

She created Reinventing Moms after coming to the realization that she needed to regain control of her physical and financial life.   Knowing that her purpose is to help moms who are unhappy with their current situation to get back to a healthy, fit body and achieve their desired lifestyle makes it easy to ask “How Can I Help YOU Today?”