Do you typically make a New Year’s Resolution? Or resolutions? In the past, I haven’t been good about resolutions. They always seemed too broad or too narrow. So last year I tried something new. I wrote down my overall goals for the year instead.

It worked out pretty well. Even though I didn’t complete all of them {only about four of the 13 to be exact} I still categorize it as successful.

·         Take a couples only vacation. Done. That was easy and fun!

·         Read a book. Did so on said vacation. Even read two! That should count for bonus points!

·         Write an E-book. Nope, didn’t do that. But, I’ve made progress toward that end goal and it’s still on my list for 2014.

·         Lose 30 pounds. Although I didn’t lose that much, I lost at least half of that and am much closer to my goal than I was when I started.

And, that’s why I feel successful. Success equals consistently moving forward despite setbacks or detours.

We all have detours and setbacks, both in our personal lives and in our business lives. Do you let them take you completely off track or just derail you for a few moments? Either way, I think it is how you ultimately deal with the setback that matters. No matter how severe, if you are able to refocus and push forward then that’s success.

What are your goals for 2014? Some of my 2013 items have migrated over to my new list. I’m ok with that. Some of mine have grown. In 2013, I wanted to run my first 5k. I did. In 2014, I aim to run my first 10k.

I haven’t allowed anything to fall from sight. If it was a priority then, I’ve at least given the thought and consideration to whether is still should be a priority now. I didn’t cross any uncompleted items off, but did do some slight editing. Some things I’ve copied verbatim over to 2014, {like read a book} just because I enjoyed it and don’t want to lose my motivation to do it again!

And, I’ve added some new goals. That’s what growth is all about, right? Expanding our horizons, trying new things and enhancing the world that we live in. Some of my goals are frivolous and materialistic. That’s ok. Others are more community and service centered, which I think is great.

Regardless of whether I complete these goals; regardless of whether they make me a better, more balanced person; regardless of whether my business soars; I’m happy I took the time to write them down. Self reflection is always beneficial. And, now I have all of you to be accountable to, too 😉