Amy Kossoff Smith is the founder of The MomTini Lounge and Write Ideas, Inc. Starting her PR firm 20 years ago and her blog five years ago, she’s not new to the entrepreneur world.

“Through my PR firm, I counsel Fortune 500 Companies on PR & promotions – primarily in the retail sector,” she said. “At The MomTini Lounge, I report on the latest “tips and tools for the business of motherhood” to help moms lead more productive, efficient lives.”

When asked how she balances family and business, she answered, “Do people actually do that?!  Just kidding!!!  Like anything successful, I believe in setting boundaries whenever possible so one doesn’t spill into the other.”

When giving advice to other mom entrepreneurs, she encourages them to make every minute count. “Whether you’re at work, being hyper-efficient and productive — or at home, cherishing your family…Live!”

As far as marketing goes, 99 percent of her PR firm business has been from word of mouth and through professional associations. “And, with MomTini, I’m playing in the amazing social media playground and LOVING IT!!!”