Tara Geissinger and Christine O’Kelly are a pair of mom entrepreneurs that own SEO Content Solutions, a content marketing company that was incorporated five years ago, and Online PR Media, a press release distribution website, that was incorporated two years ago.

SEO Content Solutions is a content marketing company focused on SEO and online visibility. They offer keyword research, eBook writing, web content, article writing, blog writing, etc… They work behind the scenes for many large SEO and marketing firms, offering them an outsourced writing option that is affordable and focused on quality content. Many customers have used them for years and are very happy with the results.

Online PR Media was born out of a need for press release distribution. “Many of our content clients were writing and distributing press releases with us, but couldn’t afford to do the major network distribution all of the time,” Geissinger said. So, they created Online PR Media to be a viable option for small business owners. “We offer four different priced distribution packages with various options. Our main goal is to allow users to post their news, videos, images, links, etc… to attract the attention of not only journalists, but bloggers and customers as well!”

Both women are work-at-home moms. O’Kelly is a single mom with two kids and Geissinger has three. When asked how they balance kids with business, Geissinger said “They are all school-aged, so that helps! We do a lot of our work in the early morning while the kids are at school.” They also both hire out household jobs.

The two have a unique story. Geissinger lives in Florida and O’Kelly in California. The two actually went into business together after meeting online and never seeing each other in person.

“Being a mom is hard – and owning a business is hard!” Geissinger said. “Honestly, I think the best advice is to just keep doing it and don’t get discouraged. I also highly recommend having a business partner. I literally could not do this without the support of Christine. Even though she is across the country from me, it helps to brainstorm ideas, make large financial decisions together and just generally have each other’s backs on a bad day.”

For marketing purposes, the pair relies heavily on SEO. They also publish articles and press releases. Recently, they have started to use Facebook advertising as well.