Patty Barbs is not only a successful business owner of a very popular fashion boutique in Las Vegas, Patty’s Closet, but she is also a mother of a teenager with down syndrome. Being a mom and a business owner is challenging for her, but she wants other moms to know that they can succeed just like she has!

Patty’s Closet Fashion Boutique opened in May of 2007. “We are a women’s boutique with retail prices, so it’s pretty exclusive yet affordable,” said Barbs. She acknowledges that balancing business with family is hard at times, and making sure you give everyone and everything your attention is a challenge. “We try hard to keep our date nights going and dinner at home consistent,” she said.

To other mom entrepreneurs, she says it’s not easy, but you CAN do it. She recommends getting organized from the start. Barbs said that they have a great publicist but as far as marketing goes, they just started talking in the beginning. “Tell everyone about your business, you never know when the word will spread,” she said.

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