Laura Bisel began initial testing and research for her Bizzy Fizz Bath Treats products in 2003 and officially filed for business license and opened their first website in 2005. The shop specializes in unique and handcrafted bath treats, they call fizzies.

Here’s how it all started: In 2003, while working on a homeschool science project with my six year old son, we studied chemical reactions. That project sparked something in him, and he began to dream about making bath fizzies. He would come downstairs every morning with a list of names and ideas for what he wanted to call them, how he wanted them to look, little things to put inside to make them special. As his mom, I wanted to encourage his excitement. I began to extensively research, and eventually we began creating bath fizzies for him to use. He then started to give them away to friends who asked for more and more of them. We then decided to take a chance and began our company, Bizzy Fizz Bath Treats.

“We make a full range of items for bath and body that everyone, from child to adult, will love,” Bisel said. “Each of our bath treats have a special blend of oils or to make your skin super soft, and powders such as oatmeal or aloe for sensitive itchy skin, or green tea and clays to detoxify.  Some even have flower petals, or a toy inside for the kids!  We also have fantastic lotions, scrubs, lip balms and body oils,” she said.

Other than answering a few e-mails during the day, Bisel said she really doesn’t start working until 6 p.m., when her husband comes home and takes over with the kids. Sometimes she works until 1 a.m. “Balancing the business and family seems to be a constantly changing process. The business has really become a family project.  I would not be able to do all this without the support of my husband and the help of my children,” she said.  

“When this business was started one of the things my husband and I agreed on was that family comes first.  If the kids need me, or we have soccer or baseball games, those come before anything else.  I do end up working later sometimes because of that, but I’ve accepted that,” Bisel said. “Now that my son (and business partner), Skylar, is a teenager, he is helping more on the production end of things.  It certainly is nice to have the extra help!” Bisel credits the business for brining her son and her closer together and helping to make their relationship so strong. “As a parent, it feels great to have that kind of relationship.”

Bisel encourages other mom entrepreneurs to get their families involved. “Kids can learn so much by actually helping out on the business end, and they are capable of much more than most people give them credit for.  It can also be a huge confidence builder for them!” She also says to take time for yourselves. “We are all moms first and foremost, and if everything was gone tomorrow, we still have our families. That is THE MOST important thing of all,” she said.

Bizzy Fizz uses social media for their marketing efforts as well as local advertising and press releases. You can find them on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.