Dreama Lee is what you would call an experienced mom entrepreneur. She’s the mom of two children and four businesses. Currently, she runs a real estate investing business as well as a marketing/consulting business with her husband.

She started her first business in 2003 and has been working toward her goals ever since. Her consulting business targets organizations that want to start an internship program. “We have everything from a book all the way up to a course and trainings for the intern,” she said.

According to Lee, there is a constant balancing act going on between work and family. “I make a point of scheduling time to “work: and time to be “mom.” If I don’t set boundaries on these times both begging to blend together and I don’t do either well,” she admits. “I have an office to go to when I need to do meetings or presentations but often work from home if the kids are at school so I can multi-task – folding clothes or taking a walk to squeeze in my exercise while I’m on a business call.”

Lee advises other mom entrepreneurs to ask and look for help. “If you can’t afford to hire a full time employee consider hiring a virtual assistant to handle your customer service, scheduling, etc. They can be hired for a few hours a week but can be well worth the help. Consider hiring someone to clean your house. It’s my most dreaded task and I find that if I have a clean house I function better. It’s worth the monthly expense and I value my time with my family and my business, both of which I have more time for if my house is cleaned.”

She also recommends hiring an intern. “Not only will you get much needed help in your business for very low costs (and a new set of creative eyes) but you will also be mentoring the future workforce. I get a lot out of mentoring young adults and helping them achieve their professional goals. If you give you will get.”

Lee markets her business via social media, her blog, word of mouth, e-mail and affiliate marketing and webinars and interviews. Learn more about Lee here.

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