Over the years I’ve been able to form a great relationship with Wonder Forge games. Each holiday season they come out with new, fun games for kids. For the past three years I’ve had the opportunity to review some of them for my audience. {You can see past posts here, here and here.}

This year, I was sent Doc McStuffins All Better Game and Justice League Axis of Villains. Both were a hit at our house!

First, my younger two kids loved the Doc McStuffins game and could not wait to open it when it arrived. Even my toddler enjoyed using the tools to fix his big sister’s boo boos. The game features slap bracelets that are bandages for a different ouchie. These are really cute. Then, players take turns trying to figure out which doctor tool will make them better.

You can learn more about Doc McStuffins All Better Game here, and find out where you can purchase it.

My older son gave Axis of Villains a try. The game has some strategic elements and gave him a chance to use his intellect. You can play as Superman, Batman, Green Lantern or The Flash which is appealing. It also focuses on teamwork and cooperation which I think is great for kids his age. It is recommended for ages 8+.

Axis of Villains is available exclusively at Target and qualifies for free shipping!