Gayle Goodman created Goodman Lynch Communications after she was laid off from her VP job in 2008. She offers marketing communications consulting services, including strategy, message development, branding and integrated communications.

Goodman and her husband are both entrepreneurs. She said the two share the responsibilities related to child care, i.e., school drop off/pick up, sick days, camps, activities, etc. Goodman said she operates by assigning blocks of time to different tasks. “In terms of my own balance, I dedicate a certain number of hours per day to clients, another block of time to my business (i.e., accounting and so on) and the rest of the time to family.”

“My schedule can fluctuate, but often I’m up early for exercise/daily readiness, then I get my daughter up, I’m off to work and Dad handles school drop off, I work most of the day, leave in time to pick her up, have family time, and then maybe work an hour or two in the evenings after she goes to bed. This works for me because I have a lot of energy,” she added.

Goodman said the keys to being successful are to believe in yourself and remain positive. “You can do anything you put your mind to,” she said. “If you feel yourself getting stressed, figure out what is important. If you don’t have enough balance time, maybe you dial back your hours a bit or hire some help to get your business done. This may require looking at your personal expenses and trimming your budget so you can afford it, but often these trade-offs are worth it to gain peace of mind.”

She also said that when needed, you can really trim your household budget. “You would be surprised by the money you can save by making small changes.”

For Goodman, most of her marketing is done through network connections. “I have more than 800 professional connections through LinkedIn, and I am very active in local networking groups. All of my business comes through a personal connection directly, or via a referral from a friend,” she said.

You can find Goodman Lynch Communications online.