Do you ever feel as if it’s hard to find practical information that would make it easy to take your children into new countries? If so, Kaamna Bhojwani-Dhawan’s website ( will provide you tips and tricks to make traveling with your kids simpler. was created in 2009 after Kaamna had her first child and was living in Australia. She found it difficult to locate places to buy baby supplies and restaurants to eat other than McDonald’s.

The Momabaord community website was launched in 2011 to, “share this information
and to enable sharing amongst a community of like-minded parents.” The site offers international city guides, travel tips, discounts, giveaways and product reviews. Fans of the Facebook page and followers on Twitter are given the opportunity to directly ask DhawanKaamna for advice on specific questions.

She is thankful that her business encompasses two things she loves to do: spending time with family and traveling. However, by being a solo entrepreneur, she has realized there are many things she just can’t do on her own, especially while taking care of a three-year-old and a six-month-old.

She plans her work in the mornings and nights while her son is in school. Kaamna also hired a nanny to take care of household chores and watch her daughter when she is working from home. However, she allocates meal times and one activity a day solely to her children. She said, “It’s tough because it never feels like you are giving anything your all but it’s important to pace yourself and set realistic goals.”

She advises fellow mom entrepreneurs to, “know your skills and find partners that can fill in the gaps. If you think really hard, you’d be amazed at how you can come up with mutually beneficial partnerships that don’t involve money.”

If you’re ever traveling abroad and can’t seem to locate places that are children friendly, visit to find restaurants, hotels and general sites that she personally vows are accommodating to families with young children. You can also directly email her with questions, thoughts and feedback.

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