Like many mom entrepreneurs, Tracy Sanders can link her product and inspiration directly to her children. When her fifth grade daughter Brooke had a minor hair emergency on picture day, Sanders quickly placed a charm from her own bracelet into Brooke’s bobby pin.

A trend was born. That kick started Sanders into over drive. “I knew this was ‘it’,” she said. SassaB LLC was born in October, 2011.

What makes SassaB unique are the links found on the bottom of each charm, allowing them to be connected together in a multitude of ways, using as many charms as you like. And, they’re not just for hair. Kids are showing off their SassaB style on backpacks, shoes/boots and zippers.  They’re creating bracelets, necklaces, belts, and more.

Some of the current designs include suns, peace signs, hearts, panda bears and cows. Sanders said that they are hoping to expand the line of designs soon. SassaB is exploding as the newest trend that kids are wearing, sharing and trading.  

Within six months of their launch, SassaB landed prominent sales space in Tampa Bay area Walgreens and local boutiques. The buzz about the linkable charms continues to get louder. “Managers from out of area Walgreens are calling Tampa Bay stores due to calls they are receiving from customers looking for SassaB and wanting to know when they will carry them and where they can find them now.  It’s a crazy busy, exciting time and we can’t wait to see what’s next,” Sanders said.

SassaB can be found online via several outlets. Their website is located here, and they can be found at Amazon and Isn’t This Clever. SassaB is also on Facebook and Twitter! Join them and find out what all the buzz is about today!