Leisurely reading, who has time for that? Taking care of the kids, cleaning the house, cooking dinner and trying to build your own business from scratch doesn’t really leave much free time to sit down and engulf yourself in a good book. Wouldn’t it be great to multi-task (like many moms do) and read an enjoyable book while learning essential tips and facts about creating your own business? Well, lucky for you, “Mom, Inc.” is the perfect book to crack open!

“Mom, Inc.” is a mother’s guide to pursing the dream of owning a business. Authors Cat Seto and Meg Mateo Ilasco share their own mishaps and successes of creating a business within the pages of the book. This “mommy guide” is full of ideas, interviews and how-to’s. Published in 2012 by Chronicle Books, “Mom, Inc.” also features Q&A’s with other successful mom entrepreneurs including DwellStudio’s Christine Lemieux and Amy Atlas Events’ Amy Atlas. The two mothers reveal tips and tricks about balancing work with family time. Conquering the task of maintaining a healthy balance isn’t easy, but this practical and insightful book helps make it possible.

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