RAE Development assists organizations, teams and individuals to Reflect, Act and Exel. The twelve-year-old company is lead by founder Rachel Karu, who has over 18 years of professional development experience. Karu provides career coaching, communication skills, team building, employee engagement and self-resilience to her clients. In addition to her services, she also speaks at various engagements. Although it is a constant juggling act, Karu understands and teaches the importance of balancing work and family life.

Karu, mother of two, states that, “We cannot be superheroes.” She advises mothers who own a business to “be clear about [your] values, passions and dreams and then weave these into different life domains. [You] won’t be able to give 100 percent to each life domain.” Karu takes her own advice and reviews her personal values and intentions regularly. One week, perhaps she wants to improve her relationships, so she will schedule a lunch with a friend. She also thinks about how to “sharpen the saw” by focusing on what she can do physically, spiritually, emotionally and socially every week.

While coaching mom entrepreneurs, Karu uses an “inside out” approach. “We are one person whether we are at work or home. An important starting place is to ask the question “who am I?” She encourages clients to search for their passions, values and dreams. She coaches them to consider what success looks like each week. Karu then provides tips and tactics to support physical, mental, emotional and spiritual life domains. She also has her clients complete a balance wheel and assess how satisfied they are in different life domains. As a result, “We can then start to see how they are spending their time and are they making time for things that are important and not urgent.”

Karu markets her business repeatedly through association meetings, Human Resources conferences and other events. She is a guest blogger and contributes her expertise to articles. She is active in her local training association and volunteers by leading a meeting each month. Karu regularly stays in contact with past, present and future clients via phone, email, lunches and coffee. She utilizes Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Contact Karu for advice and coaching on how to balance your life physically, spiritually, emotionally and socially. She can be contacted via email and her website.