eFoodsDirect is operated under three principles: Serve, save and share. Serve great food, save for unforeseen circumstances that lie ahead and share the message of gaining control of your food supply. Founded by Steve Shenk and Barbra Rossberg, the company’s goal is to, “Help all American families have delicious, easy-to-fix, healthy, affordable, storable food.”

Food experts Shenk and Rossberg are very detailed on which ingredients are put into the storable meals. “We monitor the industry carefully because as more consumers turn toward our healthy, clean, storable food solutions we will always be proud to report that we feed only the best real food ingredients to our consumers.” The meals are MSG and hydrogenated oil free and are not genetically modified. They are vegetarian and an excellent source of grains. Rossberg comments on the variety of meals offered. “We offer a wide assortment of quick and easy-to-fix healthy gourmet soups, entrees, breads, casseroles, and breakfasts for families who want to eat clean and health storable foods that taste delicious now and in the future.” Lactose-free, Gluten-free and Soy-free meals are also options through eFoodsDirect.  

The affordable meals are great for busy moms who just don’t have time to cook. Just add water to one of the meals and you have a healthy dinner for your family. The highly nutritious, lightweight and economical meals have a shelf life of up to 25 years. Keep your mind at peace by storing food and be prepared for increases in food prices, storms and weather, job loss and food quality.

eFoodsDirect offers affordable “Serve Today and Store for Tomorrow” Family Food Security Packs. One-month, three-month, six-month and one year food packs are affordable and can be found on their website.

Go online now to order your free Food Planning Pack that includes three pouches of quick-fix meals, a food planning guide that helps calculate how much food you need and a 30-minute audio CD by Shenk. Just boil water, add a pouch of food, stir and simmer and voila, you have a healthy meal in no time!