Kathleen Gauer is a Toronto, Ontario, Canada teacher and writer who has recently published a children’s picture book that is of interest to dance diva moms and families. Her daughter-in-law, a qualified Zumba instructor in Welland, Ontario, inspired her to write this book. 

“My Mommy Likes to Wiggle” is a charmingly-illustrated rhyming story about a mom whose passion is dancing (“Salsa, Samba and the Cha Cha beat Sweep my Mommy off her feet….). 

Available at Indigo/Chapters, this light-hearted book was created for parents and children to enjoy together.  Instructions plus diagrams and other interesting dance facts appear at the end of this catchy, rhythmic tale.  Find out how one family gets involved with this dancing obsession and learn some simple basic Latin dance steps in the process.

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