If you are running your own online business, chances are you’ve needed to outsource some work. If not, you most likely will need to at some point. According to statistics, hiring online contractors has increased 100 percent just since 2010. There is a new service that makes this outsourcing easy and hassle-free.

Ziptask saves you time and money and allows you to effectively grow your business by delegating smaller projects to the right freelancers. No more searching, hiring and training contractors. Ziptask does it for you.

Submit a job. Submit jobs to Ziptask by dragging and dropping files and typing instructions.

Approve estimate. Ziptask will send you an estimate to approve. The entire job will not exceed this amount.

Ziptask makes it happen. They find the right worker, hire them, monitor and manage their work. They will only pass along questions to you when absolutely necessary.

Ziptask sanity check. When the work is done, Ziptask will perform a sanity check to make sure it is legit. They make sure they’ve done what you asked them to.

Receive completed files. You receive an e-mail with the completed files. If you have changes, you can re-open the job and send over the changes in one click.

With Ziptask, you can send almost any type of digital work, from research and proofreading to presentations, Excel sheets and more, off to their global network of top-notch freelancers for completion. Watch the short, informative video here.

Ziptask makes outsourcing easy. There is no interviewing, no interaction via phone or chat required, no emailing back and forth, no language barriers, no hiring or firing, and no management oversight by the customer required. The customer can send projects to Ziptask within seconds, a Ziptask employee assesses the work, assigns to the hyper-specialized worker appropriate for the project, and quality checks the files when completed.  No other competitor in the world has a system such as this.

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