Becky Sturm launched StormSister Spatique in 2005. The spatique offers hair, skin, nail, body lotions, potions and serums. She followed by launching her own multi-use beauty and grooming product brand in 2011, 3waybeauty.

Although she admits it doesn’t work for everyone, Sturm has her office at home. This, she said, helps her to balance business with family. “I have a teenager left at home and if he is home when I’m working I drag him with me wherever I go. I did this with both of my sons, even when they were little. It’s a great way to stay up on what they are doing and expose them to business culture and people.”

That is the advice she gives to other mom entrepreneurs most often, have the kids help you as much as possible. “Even if they don’t like it,” she said, “it is great experience for them.”

Sturm’s marketing tactics include her website, Facebook, Twitter, other social media and some magazine ads. You can find her online at StormSister and at 3waybeauty.