Being a mom and an entrepreneur is not an easy task. Tending to business and tending to our kids can be overwhelming and tiring. So much so that we forget to take care of ourselves.

Every now and then as mom entrepreneurs, we need to pamper ourselves but not break the bank. That is how came about. is an online fashion boutique strictly for hardworking, fashion forward frugal ladies. You can find great quality high fashion jewelry pieces that enhance any outfit, yes even the outfits we wear for playtime with the kids. is coming up on its third year in business and will be expanding in April to include handbags, shoes and clothing. To make way for all the new items, there are many items on clearance right now, up to 75 percent off.

Also, during the month of March, when you sign up for the newsletter, you will automatically be entered for a chance to win and entire ensemble; jewelry, wardrobe, shoes, and a purse. Winners will be announced April 6th.

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